The Hindu article for Govt Exams – 23 January 2022

    • Counting tigers amid threat of COVID-19: Page 5
    • Kerala gets its first ever scientific bird atlas: Page 5
    • Jammu & Kashmir eyeing Dubai-based groups for funds: Page 6
    • Taliban delegation heads for Oslo talks: Page 9
    • Biden, Kishida vow to ‘push back’ on China: Page 9 
    • Zen master, who brought mindfulness to West, dies: Page 9
    • Two species of fungi associated with basal stem rot found: Page 10
    • Adding radioactive substances in wearables unjustified: Page 10
    • Why is 5G rollout a problem near U.S. airports : Page 11
    • Cadre rules plan: Page 11
    • Is suspension of MLAs up for judicial review?: Page 11 
    • What can cause an aircraft to fly into terrain?: Page 11
    • For the rich and powerful: Page 12
    • India’s reliance on Chinese goods surged in: Page 13


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