There are several branches in class 11th that can be chosen by the students and then they can complete their education till class 12th. Some students from science background, some from commerce background and some from arts background. These are major backgrounds taken by students in class 11th. Students who take science stream in class 11th and 12th they also have some internal choices like they want to go with Biology (Medical) or with Mathematics (Engineering) and some have both Mathematics and Biology.

Options After Science stream with Maths
  1. B. Tech.
  2. B. Sc.
  3. B. Arch.
  4. B. Tech. in Agriculture Field
  5. B. Plan.
  6. UPSC (NDA)
  7. Indian Army

If they take Mathematics in science stream then students majorly opt for Engineering for their graduation. As Engineering is the most famous career in India. It also have large number of students opted for engineering to opt for this course students have to give entrance exams like JEE Mains and other exams conducted by state universities. Engineering offers B.Tech./B.E. for under-graduation and M.Tech./M.E. for post-graduation. Some colleges also offer dual degree or integrated courses in which they can complete their under-graduation and post-graduation in one course and it take less time than separate study. Its duration is of four years for under-graduation, two years for post-graduation and five years for integrated course. In engineering there are many branches like Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and etc. Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering are the core branches of the engineering. In the mentioned branches there are also government job opportunities.

Options After Science stream with Biology
  1. MBBS
  2. BDS
  3. B. Tech. (Biotechnology)
  4. BAMS
  5. B. Sc.

If they take Biology in science stream then students majorly opted for Medical/MBBS field. To take admission in MBBS students have to be appear for entrance exam NEET conducted by NTA. Some other exams also conducted by some universities/colleges by qualifying exams you can take admission. There are different fields in MBBS like Forensic Medicine, Microbiology, Pathology and etc. It also have Bachelors and Masters course. Duration of bachelors course is five years and for Masters it is three years.

Options After Commerce stream
  1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
  3. Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  4. Company Secretary (CS)
  5. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  6. Bachelor of Information Science (B. Sc. IT)
  7. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance (BAF)
  8. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  9. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
  10. Bachelors of Financial Markets (BFM)
  11. Bachelors in Banking and Insurance (BBI)
  12. Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)
  13. LAW (LLB)
  14. Bachelor of Economics (B. Eco.)
  15. Bachelor of Design (B. Design)
  16. Hotel Management

If the student is from commerce stream then majority students prepare for Chartered Accountant (CA). There is a dedicated exam for the respective course. There are many other options in which you can opt in or you can choose them as a carrier prospective. Its important that you have to decide what you want to choose as a life carrier and about which you have passionate. You can also go for sports, acting, musician and many more professions.

How to use an Accurate Paraphrasing Tool



Often teachers have long observed that most assigned tasks and vacation rental works which are part of the educational course are either copied or appropriated incorrectly from many internet sources, primarily Wikipedia, with no citations. 

According to the professors, students steal a lot of information from the internet and copy it verbatim without paraphrasing or knowing it. 

It has been a substantial source of worry because the whole object of the “assigned tasks” waste in this way.

Have you ever wondered if you would come up with special assignments? You’ll need to find the proper paraphrasing technique to create a personalized homework assignment. 

The paraphrasing assignment generators designs to alter your text by using different words. The result will still be related to the original thesis statement after the generators have worked their magic.

What Is The Process Of Using The Paraphrase Generator?

Many paraphrasing tools are available online, and these platforms are unique in several ways to quickly provide high-quality content. 

As shortly as you type text into the given text pad, the paraphrasing tool’s algorithm produces synonyms for the terms you’ve used from its extensive vocabulary. 

Before beginning the paraphrasing procedure, the method examines the meaning of the given content. The great process only takes a few moments to understand the structure and provides outcomes with the same amount of time.

Paraphrasing tool and Assignment

Any task comes with a series of instructions that students must obey. These instructions specify the style in which assignments should write, the duration of the Assignment, and the type of font used when writing the works, among other things. 

However, the most critical and often overlooked rule is that the assignments must be plagiarism-free.

Students also copy material straight from the internet and paste it onto their assignments to save time and resources, which leaves the tasks plagiarized and the leading cause for their rejection.

Paraphrasing techniques ensure that students should not use shortcuts while writing papers or copy and paste text from the internet. 

These resources assist teachers in checking and weighing the validity of tasks and assisting students in creating authentic material. It is handy for research students.

Advantages of Using Online Paraphrasing Tools for Assignment

  • Paraphrasing techniques should use as a solution to a time-consuming method, so students don’t have to look up synonyms for nearly any phrase used in place of the source terms.

  • It’s also critical that the context of the paragraph can preserve. These factors are quickly taken into account by paraphrasing techniques when creating a new section. 
  • The process of paraphrasing is made simple by a single click. It saves time since a real and perfect outcome can obtain in a limited period.

  • These methods are effortless to use and relatively inexpensive or cost-efficient compared to other services; however, the findings can obtain in a limited period.

  • Students may get access to high-quality content in a limited amount of time, and it can even provide paraphrasing, proofreading, and editing services. 

  • It also offers complete consumer loyalty to customers by providing a simple way to create the most original works or papers.

  • You can still get live customer service, and you can use this app almost anywhere and at any time.

Best Paraphrasing Tool for Assignment

When it comes to paraphrasing, multiple websites offer some tools, but they aren’t efficient and trustworthy enough.

However, some sites provides a multi-modes paraphrasing tool that helps you rephrase articles, complete essays, assignments, and much more. This paraphrasing tool design to incorporate keyword algorithms into your text. It appears unique and plagiarism-free.

Paraphrasing tool for Assignment

The online websites that offer paraphrasing facilities are costly and not at all suitable for students. The cost of these simple packages will run into the hundreds of thousands, with no promise of genuine success.

However, there are different free rephrase tool that rewrites documents in the most accessible and accurate way possible, avoiding plagiarism.

These paraphrasing tool uses a word bank of millions of words and has access to numerous dictionaries. It allows it to effectively substitute the terms with the most appropriate synonyms.

The tool changes the structure of sentences while maintaining the original meaning. It’s a great medium for paraphrasing lengthy texts and records because of this.


To sum up, paraphrasing is the only way to avoid falling into the plagiarism vortex. It is a technique in which sentences can shuffle using synonyms for such terms to make them distinct while maintaining the context of the sentence. 

Paraphrasing techniques not only assist instructors in identifying plagiarized material and determining its validity, but they also assist students in creating original content for their assignments with the click of a button.

How to define course scope after 12th



We all aspire for some course or degree after we have completed after school education,we do counselling to know our interests, we explore about various fields of education ,but the main thing we all should check is the course scope ,that is what are the career opportunities we will get after we complete any degree we are pursuing ,what are all the track that we can choose after finishing any degree.This is one of the most significant aspect to know about. 

Let us explore all the basic and popular career opportunities in the specific fields.How do we define the scope? Let’s see some criteria as well. 

Generally,after 12th we all choose the streams like :- 

1) Engineering, 

2) Medical 

3) Law 

4) Architecture 

5) Chartered Accountancy etc.

By doing various research, but the thing does not end here just by choosing a proper stream ,because there are various sub branches and job opportunities after this,so for that we have to focus on some points like: 

1) Placement scenario(companies and organisations) 

2) Scope of that job ,what could be the potential of that particular job

3) Your personal growth in any company or job 

4) Job security 

5) Capitalism 

6) Further opportunities to grow your career,sometimes people get stuck to something in a hurry and then never help themselves to escape and this builds mental stress. 

7) Other facilities attached with that job etc.

To start with:- 

1) Firstly the most commonly opted course is the B.Tech., most of the youth prepare for this degree in order to make their career in Engineering, but there are many things to know before choosing any particular branch, as there are many branch in Engineering,

Wherever your college is situated try to find about the culture resources of that particular region and then choose your branch, for example choosing CSE and It would be better in colleges in Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. while streams like Mining and Chemical have good scope in states like Orissa, Jharkhand etc. After you choose your branch try to know about the further opportunities which you will get like for Mechanical, Electrical etc there are exams like IES, for core branches doing a masters degree also provides good career and job opportunities. Now-a-days many Engineers start their startups in their college years, startups could be easily done in Engineering colleges as many engineering colleges have incubation centers now and also the alumni sometimes fund their startups at the initial level. 

Then there is CAT also many Engineering students try to give CAT after their degree in order to get admission in a MBA college to boost their package.Some are also interested in higher education like research and development they go for Ph.D. or for Foreign Education. 

These are the most popular scopes that you can choose after engineering. 

2) The Medical students do also have various opportunities, like they can be Surgeon or Physiologist or Neurosurgeon depending upon their grades. Mostly doctors do MS after completing MBBS to become a more skilled and specialised doctor. Research and development could also be done in medical colleges but startups are not that easy in medical colleges, if someone does it they do it on their own there is no such help from the college or alumni. 

3) The students that opt the LLB course has basically two main scopes either of becoming a Lawyer or a Judge ,further there are different types of Lawyer like private or public prosecutors etc. Then there are 3 tier of courts in the country hence becoming Lawyer or Judge at different tiers has different powers and status as well. 

4) The students who opt Arts stream basically they focus to clear the UPSC examination and get into the Civil Services job, or they can also be professors in literature history etc. of archaeologists. They can also apply for bank examinations etc, Again startups is quite difficult here but the ones who have financially strong background can do it .Often they choose streams like politics etc. 

5) The second most opted stream is the Commerce Stream, almost everyone chooses this stream either to become an Accountant or Bank staff or Business men. These students can do startups also as some colleges provide these facilities as well.

Hence while choosing any course look for the further opportunities that you can get while choosing that particular course . 

Like many students dream to become actors or artists after their graduation and follow that as their main source of work, so for them choosing a right college and course is really beneficial, they should choose college where there are events and seminars regarding their interest so they can participate in them. They should not go for tough courses as this would hamper their passion they won’t get much time to explore their art. Hence try to look for all these small points while choosing any course or college after 12th. As this could be the changing point of your career. A right decision could take you to the top so try to research properly before choosing anything and if needed then go for counselling as well.

How can I Apply for the CBSE Improvement exam



Every year in India, a lot of students appear for the board examination, many of them secure good marks, some fail and some manage to pass but are dissatisfied with their percentage. To give these students a second chance, so that they could improve their percentage Improvement exams are conducted.

Sometimes, few students pass through the cut-off of competitive exams but unfortunately miss out on the minimum percentage, hence to give those students a chance to improve their marks so that they could get into their desired college improvement exams has been proved to be a boon.

Some Basic norms of the Improvement Exam

1. Improvement exams are for those students who did pass their board exams but are dissatisfied with their percentage, and want to improve their percentage by giving the exam again.

2. Students can give improvement exams of one or more subjects according to their will, but under the condition that they have passed in those subjects previously. Students can not give the exam of those subjects who they have failed to pass the last time.

Details for CBSE Improvement Exam

1. The application form is usually released into the month of July and ends up in October, but in the past 2 years due to the pandemic schedule is a bit uncertain.

2. There are basic fees per subject, if you take multiple subjects fees could be changed,

3. The forms can be collected from Syndicate Bank branches throughout Delhi and Regional Offices of CBSE for other regions. It could also be downloaded from online portals.

4. In the Improvement report card only the marks of those subjects would be mentioned for which the student has given the exam. The best of the two marks will be printed on the report card.

Online procedure for CBSE Improvement Exam

1. Search for the form at the official website of CBSE that is cbse.nic.in

2. Enter your CBSE Roll Number in the text box allotted for it.

3. Then Enter the 5 digit school number in the assigned text box. In case the student has appeared as a private candidate and doesn’t have a school number, then enter 99999.

4. Enter the examination center number; It is mentioned in the past year’s admit card. Click on ‘Proceed’ and fill up your details.

5. Make the payment online or through E-Challan from the respective bank.

6. Note down your “Application Number” and “Roll Number”.

7. Follow the instructions on the “Confirmation Page”.

These were some of the basic procedures to appear for the improvement exams. Generally, the improvement exams are conducted with boards exam, the students of 12th and the improvement candidates have the same dates, more often same centers as well. If someone is planning to appear for improvement this time then keep this mind all the colleges have temporarily removed the board’s percentage cut off due to the pandemic, as proper classes are not going on and hence it is difficult for many candidates to learn things online or to attend online classes. Hence to back those deserving candidates the government and the colleges have mutually taken this decision. But in case you are willing to give the examination just to improve your percentage then you can fill the form as instructed.

Let us see some advantages and disadvantages as well of the improvement exams

Advantages: If we talk about the advantages then it is pretty simple, that you got a second chance to improve your boards’ percentage, and also if you are JEE aspirant or other competitive exams, and due to some unfortunate reasons you could not clear the eligibility percentage then you have the chance to improve that. In this manner, you could also revise for the exams .

Disadvantages: For the disadvantages, we can say that you have to take a year drop and prepare for the entire year as the exams tend to happen with the boards only. Secondly, you will have to carry two different report cards wherever needed. Third, you would have the burden of two exams one the competitive one and the second the improvement exam, this also creates mental pressure as well.

Since now you are aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of the improvement exam, it will help you to make a good decision on whether you should go for it or not.


As mentioned earlier about the need of giving this exam, If it is not for the college then I would suggest not to go for it, as 12th percentage would not matter this much in the future, as your skills and knowledge will, especially for those whose boards and improvement are happening at this time of the pandemic, always remember this pandemic would help you to get pass through your low percentage. So focus on your upcoming studies and new skills, don’t bother about the board’s results, until and unless you have to get a specific cut-off percentage for any college if they are asking for it, otherwise all the colleges have raised off this criteria temporarily.

What are the possibilities for joining the Army after graduation


It is an honor and a source of pride to serve in the Indian Army. Since everyone aspires to a career like this, those who missed out on the chance to enter this prestigious institution after their 12th grade can still apply after graduation. After all, after graduation, our brave women will join the Indian Army. So, let’s take a look at the post-graduation admissions process.

Following graduation, there are many options to enter the Army:

How to Become a CDSE Candidate in the Indian Army after Graduation

Procedure: Candidates must pass a written examination before being interviewed by the S.S.B.

Unmarried males can choose between OTA (Officers Training Academy) and I.M.A. (International Military Academy). OTA only requires females.

Written Exams are held twice a year, in February and March and September and October.


Training Academy Age  Qualification Cut-off Sex
IMA(PC) 19-24 Year Graduation from a recognized university No cut-off Male
OTA (SSC-Non-Tech) 19-25 years Graduation from a recognized university No cut-off Male/Female

How to Enter the Army for Technical Entries After Graduation

You may enter the Indian Army as a Technical Graduate Course (T.G.C.) entry for Permanent Commission (Males) or SSC-Tech entry for Short Service Commission (Males/Females) if you are a technical graduate.

Procedure: Directly contact candidates who are over the cut-off for S.S.B.

Notification: T.G.C. and SSC-Tech (Men) are notified twice a year in April and October, and S.S.C. Tech Women are notified in December/Jan and June/July.


Course Age Qualification Cut-off Sex Training Academy
TGC 20-27 years BE/B.Tech in notified Stream Decided by the army. Male IMA
SSC-Tech 20-27 years BE/B.Tech in notified Stream Decided by the army. Male/Female OTA

After Graduation, How to Enter the Indian Army

After an initial review of the applications, direct S.S.B. calls are made to applicants who meet the requirements.


Entry Age Qualification Sex Training Academy


NCC SE Women

19-25 Years Graduate with LLB / LLM with 50% Aggregate marks, 2 Yrs. service in NCC Senior Div. Army with minimum ‘B’ Grade in ‘C’ Certificate Exam. Male and Female OTA Chennai

Notifications are sent out twice a year, in April and October.

How to Become a Judge Advocate in the Indian Army After Graduation

Only for law graduates: After an initial review of the applications, S.S.B. calls are made to the applicants that have been chosen.

Course Age Qualification Training Academy
JAG Entry 21-27 years Graduate with LLB / LLM with 55% marks. Registered with Bar Council of India / State OTA

 Notification: June/July

University Entry Scheme for Joining the Indian Army After Graduation

Only male applicants are eligible to apply for a Permanent Commission in the Army via the U.E.S.

Preliminary interviews are conducted on campus. Following that, selected applicants are invited to attend the S.S.B. interview.

Course Age Qualification Training Academy
University Entry Scheme (UES) 19 to 25 years for Final Year

18 to 24 years for Pre-Final Year

Final and Pre-Final year male students of Engineering Degree Course IMA

Notification:  In the month of May, notifications are sent.

The Top 5 C.D.S. Coaching Programs in India:-

1.Centurion Defense Academy: It is a military academy located in the city of Centurion. Crash courses are offered by Centurion Academy for C.D.S. students. Centurion Academy is India’s best C.D.S. coaching. The Academy holds routine C.D.S. exam batches…

2. Surbhi Academy– Surbhi Academy offers N.D.A., Merchant Navy, S.S.B., C.D.S., F.C.I., AFCAT, and A.C.C. coaching for English Speaking and Personality Development.

3. Amity Academy– Amity is a school that specializes in education. Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, the Founder President of the Amity Group of Educational Institutions, has always believed that a stable India needs a strong military. The Amity S.S.B. Academy was established to assist young people in realizing their dream of becoming officers in the Defense Forces. Amity S.S.B. Academy has gained a distinctive moniker over the years. Amity S.S.B. Academy has built a reputation for providing high-quality training that leads to success in written exams and S.S.B. interviews over the years.

4. Lakshya Academy-Lakshya Academy was established to provide high-quality education for a variety of competitive exams, including S.S.C. (1. C.G.L. 2. M.T.S. ), C.D.S., C.P.F., and others.

5. N.C.A. Academy – Located on the Mohali Landran Road at S.C.O. 71 sector 91, Mohali (Near B.S.F. Campus). It is well connected by road from Chandigarh and other locations. It’s about 8.5 kilometers from the train station. The airport is 12.6 kilometers away. The hostel and campus are a 10-minute drive apart, and bus service is available.

Main Course after 12th



This decade is much more competitive and challenging as compared to the others,hence everyone is making themselves skillful to survive in this world by learning various courses . Specifically the youth the teenagers who have just completed their school degree or secondary education ,finds it difficult to know about all the courses that are available to them for the undergraduate degree.As mentioned this a very competitive era hence knowing about your choices and trying to get one of them need perfect planning and solid preparation right form your school days.

Hence here are all the trending courses that are important nowadays for your career choices.Generally we have three main streams in our education system under which various fields are there to explore ,let us know those three streams and all the other branches under them in detail.


UG Courses available after 12th Science:


This refers to the engineering field ,the ones who are interested in science and technology ,inquisitive about gadgets often choose this stream for higher education. Further in this branch there are various sub branches as well which are basically specialized courses in engineering ,these sub branches are as follows –

  • Computer science engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Information technology
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mining engineering
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Production engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics and communication engineering

Best colleges for these courses in India are the IIT’s and the NIT’s ,to get a seat in these colleges you need to clear JEE mains and then JEE advance with very nice scores because the seats are limited ,You could also go for private institutions as well if you unfortunately don’t get a seat at these prestigious colleges.


These are the courses for those who are interested in building monuments or towers etc,The one who are good in egad and geometry generally opt this field as their career.There are quite good colleges for these courses ,but to get into those you need to clear JEE mains B.Arch,otherwise you could also opt for private institutions as well.


Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate course that deals with software development and computer applications.Those who are interested in creating android applications or games ,and are good at computer languages like java ,c++ etc tends to choose this field.There are various colleges that offer this course ,there are no certain exams as well this is generally done on 12th merit score ,it varies with college to college.


Bachelor in science is yet another course after choosing science stream after 12th ,In this field generally those student participate who want to make their career in research or as professors .It has some sub branches or specialized branches as well:

  • B.Sc. in physics
  • B.Sc. in chemistry
  • B.Sc. in mathematics
  • B.Sc. in zoology
  • B.Sc. in botany
B. Pharma

These is yet another popular course after 12th ,in this course the students study about drugs and medicines ,those who are interested in creating medicines and other helpful drugs to help mankind choose this course.The sub branches under this course are:-

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I– Theory.
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Theory.
  • Pharmaceutics I – Theory.
  • Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Theory.
  • Communication skills – Theory.
  • Remedial Biology
  • Remedial Mathematics – Theory.
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II – Theory.

This is one the most preferred courses along with engineering ,as the ones who complete this course become doctors .Hence those who are interested in serving mankind by curing them opt this course. To study this course the best colleges are the AIIMs and some other government colleges as well which is allotted on the basis of NEET exam ,which is quite difficult after jee advance.There are private colleges as well but in this branch the fees in privates colleges is almost 10-20 times as compared with the government colleges.

UG Courses available after 12th Commerce:


Bachelor of Commerce:- This is basically a graduation degree ,which almost every commerce student does ,while doing this degree they generally prepare for the C.A(chartered accountant) course or the bank exams in order to get a career as accountant or bank managers .


Bachelor of Business Administration:-Those candidates who want to learn business skills management skills opt this course ,generally every BBA student tends to go for MBA after completing this course.

B.Com (Hons.)

Like B.com B.com (hons) is also a graduation degree ,the only difference between these two are B Com course no specialization is offered in the final year while in B Com (Honours) course candidates can choose from a range of specializations .They are listed below:-

  • Economics
  • Taxation
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Trading.

The third important Stream is the Arts stream ,in these stream there are some branches as well but the most popular and productive branches are:


Bachelor in Arts is a basic graduation degree ,there are various sub branches as well, almost all of them are pretty similar ,generally candidates choose this stream to pursue their preparation for civil services examinations like UPSC.


This is another very exciting course ,under this course the candidates who are interested in law and aspires to become lawyers or judges ,those candidates opt this field to make their career in the judicial offices.

These were the most popular courses that you can choose from ,to make your career,all these courses have a significant scope ,it all depends upon your knowledge, hard work and dedication that how much you get from these courses.



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