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English 10th Previous Year Question Paper 2018 (CBSE)

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November 20, 2019
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November 21, 2019

ENGLISH (Communicative) 

Q. 1. Read the passage given below : 


Globalization is the way to open businesses, improve technological growth, economy, etc, at the international level for all countries. It is the way in which manufacturers and producers of the products or goods sell their products globally without any restriction. It provides huge profits to the businessmen as they get low cost labour in poor countries easily. It provides a big opportunity to the companies to deal with the worldwide market. 

Globalization helps to consider the whole world as a single market. Traders are extending their areas of business by treating the world as a global village. Earlier till the 1990s, there was a restriction on importing certain products which were already manufactured in India like agricultural products, engineering goods, food items and toiletries. However, during the 1990s there was a pressure from the rich countries on the poor and developing countries to allow them to spread their businesses by opening their markets. In India the globalization and liberalization process was started in 1991. After many years, globalization has brought about a major revolution in the Indian market when multinational brands came to India and started delivering a wide range of quality products at cheap prices. Prices of good quality products came down because of the cutthroat competition in the market. Globalization and liberalization of the businesses in India have flooded the market with quality foreign products but has affected the local Indian industries adversely to a great extent resulting in the job loss to poor and uneducated workers. Globalization has been a bonanza for the consumers, however, a loss to the small-scale Indian producers. 

Globalization has had some very positive effects on the Indian consumer in all sectors of society. It has affected the Indian students and education sector to a great extent by making study books and a lot of information available over the internet. Collaboration of foreign universities with the Indian universities has brought about a huge change in the field of education. 

Globalization of trade in the agricultural sector has brought varieties of quality seeds 

which have disease resistance property. However, it is not good for the poor Indian farmers because the seeds and agricultural technologies are costly. 

It has brought about a huge revolution in the employment sector by the spread of businesses like cottage, handloom, carpet, artisan carving, ceramics, jewellery, and glassware etc. 

Attempt any eight of the following questions : 

(a) What is globalization ? 

(b) Write any two advantages of globalization. 

(c) What was the pressure from the rich countries in the 1990’s ? 

(d) What is the effect of multinational brands entering the Indian market ? 

(e) How are the prices of quality products affected due to globalization ? 

(f) How have the foreign products affected the local industry adversely? 

(g) What has been the impact of globalization on the Indian students ? 

(h) Why has globalization had a negative effect on the poor Indian farmer ? 

(i) How has the cottage industry benefited from globalization ? 


Q. 2. Read the passage given below : 

Everybody wants to succeed in life. For some, success means achieving whatever they  UCA means desire or dream. For many it is the name, fame and social position. Whatever be the meaning of success, it is success which makes a man popular. All great men have been successful. They are remembered for their great achievements. But it is certain that success comes to those who are sincere, hardworking, loyal and committed to their goals.  Success has been man’s greatest motivation. It is very important for all. Success has a great effect on life. It brings pleasure and pride. It gives a sense of fulfilment. It means all-around development. Everybody hopes to be successful in life. But success smiles on those who have a proper approach, planning, vision and stamina. A proper and timely application of all these things is bound to bear fruit. One cannot be successful without cultivating these certain basic things in life. It is very difficult to set out on a journey without knowing one’s goals and purposes. Clarity of the objective is a must to succeed in life. A focused approach with proper planning is certain to bring success. Indecision and insincerity are big obstacles on the path to success. One should have the capability, capacity and resources to turn their dreams into reality. Mere desire cannot bring you success. The desire should be weighed against factors like capability and resources. This is the basic requirement of success. The next important thing is the eagerness, seriousness and the urge to be successful. It is the driving force which decides the success. It is the first step on the ladder of success. One needs to pursue one’s goals with all one’s sincerity and passion. One should always be in high spirits. Lack of such spirit leads to an inferiority complex which is a big obstruction on the path to success. Time is also a deciding factor. Only the punctual and committed have succeeded in life. Lives of great men are examples of this. They had all these qualities in plenty which helped them rise to the peak of success. 

Hard labour is one of the basic requirements of success. There is no substitute for hard labour. It alone can take one to the peak of success. Every success has a ratio of five percent inspiration and ninety-five percent perspiration. It is the patience, persistence and perseverance which play a decisive role in achieving success. Failures are the pillars of success as they are our stepping-stones and we must get up and start again and be motivated. 


Q. 2.1. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each : 

(a) To whom does success come certainly? 

(b) What are the basic things in life we need to achieve success ? 

(c) What did great men have in plenty to rise to the peak of success ? Give any two examples. 

(d) What is the one basic requirement of success? 

(e) Explain : “Failures are pillars of success.” 


Q. 2.2 On the basis of your reading of the passage, fill in any two of the following blanks with appropriate words/phrase : 

(a) _________plays a decisive role in achieving success. 

(b) Goals have to be pursued with_______ and___________ 

(c) Ratio of success is_____________inspiration. 


Q. 2.3 Find out the words from the passage that mean the same as the following: (any two) 

(a) endurance (para 2) 

(b) obstruction (para 4) 

(c) motivation (para 5) 


Q. 3. Two main parks in your locality have suffered from neglect on the part of local authorities. They have virtually been taken over by undesirable elements. As a result the residents have stopped going to the parks. 

Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a local newspaper expressing your concern about the problems the neglect has created and suggest measures to reclaim the parks for children. You are Gautam/Gauri 2, Gobind Enclave, Meerut. 


You intend to join coaching classes at International Coaching Center situated in Raipur. The institute specializes in teaching science to classes XI – XII. Write a letter of enquiry in 100-120 words addressed to the Administrator in charge of the institute seeking clarification about the timings, duration, staff, transport and other necessary details for joining the institute. You are Rajesh/Rajani 2, Library Road Jabalpur. 


Q. 4. In 200-250 words write a story based on the input given below : 

Two teams – in the playground – whistle blew – match about to begin – the two captains looked tense – suddenly there was a commotion. 


A long wait for the bus – people impatient – a large crowd – a lot of confusion – felt the pocket being touched – looked around – caught the hand – and ………… 


Q. 5. Fill in any four of the blanks in the sentences given below choosing the most appropriate options from the ones that follow. Write the answers in your answer-sheet against the correct blank numbers : 

(A) Concentration is (a)____________ by alertness. 

(B) Effective speaking (b)_____________ on effective listening. 

(C) Economic growth (c)____________attitudes and lifestyle. 

(D) The environment has always (d)_____________ in control of our destiny. 

(E) They believe that logic (e)____________no place in faith. 

    (a) (i) help (ii) will help (iii) helps (iv) helped 

    (b) depends (ii) depend (iii) depended (iv) depending 

    (c) (i) change (ii) will change (iii) changes (iv) changed

    (d) (i) is (ii) be (iii) been (iv) was

    (e) (i) has  (ii) have (iii) had   (iv) having 


Q. 6. In the following paragraph one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing In the words in any four lines of the given paragraph, along with the words that come before and the words that come after it in the space provided. 



Word Before

Missing Word

Word After

Most the people





Are annoyed passwords.





They have many remember.





On any given day are





Bound Forget Them





This creates difficulties for the people.






Q. 7. Rearrange any four of the following word clusters to make meaningful sentences :  

(a) very exciting/ can be / new country / travelling to la 

(b) it/ a lot of / before / actually requires / the visit / preparation 

(c) option / is / light / travelling / best / the 

(d) also need / we / the local weather / in mind / to / keep 

(e) always / enriched / we/ return / experience / the / with 



Q. 8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow : 

But speak all good you can devise of Caesar, And say you do it by our permission; 

(a) Identify the speaker. 

(b) Who is being granted permission ? 

(c) What is the speaker afraid of ? 

(d) What opinion do you form of the speaker? 


“You must make your public happier: 

Give them something, sharper, snappier. 

We must aim for better billings.” 

(a) Identify the speaker of the above lines. 

(b) Who does ‘we’ refer to ? 

(c) What must be done for ‘better billings’? 

(d) What trait of the speaker’s character is revealed through the above lines ? 


Q. 9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each : 

(a) In the story “Shady Plot”, why did Helen appear in bits and pieces ? 

(b) What will Shakespeare’s friend realize when he rises on the Day of Judgment ? 

(c) Why does the author say that Louisa Mebbin had a “protective elder sister” attitude towards money ? 

(d) How do we know that Michael’s father was fascinated by computers ? 

(e) In the poem “Snake”, why does the poet say “I have something to expatiate.” ? 


Q. 10. Answer the following in 100-200 words: 

“Patol Babu, Film Star,” by Satyajit Ray emphasizes the valuable contribution of a mentor in changing a negative mind-set into a positive one. Describe how Mr. Pakrashi’s advice helps Patol Babu in performing his role. Time humbles even the greatest of the great. One should cultivate the quality of humility. Describe how time has reduced the mighty Ozymandias to nothing. 


Q. 11. Answer the following question in 200-250 words : 

(a) Describe the relationship between Anne and Margot ? 


Give a pen sketch of Anne’s father as a parent ? 

(b) Describe Ms. Sullivan’s teaching methods ? 


What are Helen’s opinions about examinations ? 


Answer Sheet


(a) Globalization is the way to open business, improve technology growth, evenomy, etc at the international level for all countries. 

(b) Globalisation provides huge profits to the businessmen as they get low cost of labour in poor countries easily. It provides a lag opportunity to the companies to deal with the worldwide market 

(c) During the 19901, there was a pressure the poor and developing countries to allow businesses by opening their markets. 

(d) Globalization brought about a major revolution in the Indian market as multinational brands came to India and started delivering a wide range of quality products at cheap rates. Now, the consumers had write the many options to choose from. 

(e) Priter of quality products came down because of the competition in the market.

(f) The foreign products have affected the local industries adversely to a quat extent resulting in the job loss to poor and uneducated workers. The small scale Indian Producers Have fraud losses.

(g) Globalization has had a positive impact on Indian students by making study books and a lot of information available pues the internet. Collaboration foreign universities with the Indian universities has brought about a huge change in the field of education De 

(h) Although globalization has brought varieties of quality seeds which have disease resistance property, but it is not good for the poor Indian farmers because the seeds and agricultural technologies are costly. 


Q.2.1 (a)  success comes to those who are sincere, hanworking, loyal and committed to their goals. 

(c) great men had Certain qualities  in penalty which help them rise the peak of success. Quality include punctuality and sincerity.

(d) Hard labour is the one basic requirement of success and it has no subtitles. hard labour alone can take one to the peak of success.

(e)  failures are pillar of success because we get to know our sought meaning and mistakes thought then which when rejected help us achievers success.   failure are ours stepping stone and we must get up stand again and motivate.


Q.2.2 (b)  goals have to be pursued  with sincerity and passion.

                (c)  ratio of success is five percent inspiration.

Q.2.3 (a) Stamina

                (c)  inspiration


Q.3. 2, Libsary Road


12 March, 2018 

The administrator Inchange

International Coaching Centre



Subject:  enquiry about the procedure for joining the institute.

This refers to your advertisement in the tribute date 10th March 2018. I am attempting the all India Secondary School Examination class 10th and want to be e o p t for the science stream in class 11th. I would I need Details about the coaching classes you offer.

 kindly send the following details:

  • duration of the course
  • timing of the classes
  • number of  batches
  • transport facilities fees structure
  • joining date

I request you to furnish all the other necessary detail to be asked looking forward to early reply.

thank you

your faithfully




It was a partial sunny day with clouds scattered in the blue sky. The sa soccer ground of Riverdale High school was filled with a wie silence. The bleachers wat were covered with students and the ground, with the players in green shorts from the host team and in red shirts from the Beverly high school team, competing to save their position in the state Championship. Get The two captains boked tense and were waiting for the whistle to blow, which happened to blow just then and the match began. Dylan, the captain of the host team went ahead with the ball, passing it to the ve acaptain. The one of the opponents caught the ball and as in the next five minutes, the red team had scored. The crowd grew tense and Dylan cursed under his breath and smacked Blake’s head for missing the ball. The game continued ound Blake kicked the ball into the met, making the score even the cloud sculpted in chure and chanted Blake’s name. Out the cheers died down when the red team scored another point and was in the lead. The game went on and Dylan was ran after last 

opponent who had the ball. Clearly their formation was not working for them with 4 stripes and 2 defenders, but Dylan was too adamant to let them change. Suddenly, there was a commotion, Dylan had been tripped by the opponent and lay on the field with his leg twisted in an unearthly angle. the outnet was immediately taken off the field, ash tried in pain the cloth audience now wanted Tyler Miller, the 2018 him. Blake Sinclair was given the yellow armband and declared as the captain. Turn warned up a little as he hadn’t played soccorso for these years since we turn wie Taylor said of linkennia l As the match sconited, Fyter all eyes were on Tyler who sang across the ground, passing the opponents and took the ball, and goal! The crowd erupted in a loud soat of praising Tyler. They had got their star striker back! As the game half-time approached, Tyler asked Blake to change the formation with a strikers and 4 defenders, push like old times when a hot Tylu had been the captain. Blake’s eyes lit up and they changed the formation. The red team was confused with the new change but the goure continued and Tylus scored again, winning the match! The audience chanted hit game on Brake crushed Tyter in been hug! 


Word Before Missing Word Word After 
(b) many To  remember
(c) day they are
(d) bound to forget
(e) difficulties For  The 


6. (a) Travelling to a new country can be very exciting 

(b) It actually requires a lot of preparation before the visit, 

(d) He also need to keep in mind, the local weather. 

(c) We always return enriched with the experience 

7. (a) (i) helped 

(b) (ii) deponds 

(d) (iii) been 

(e) (i) has 


8. (a) The frog is the speaker of the above lines 

(b) he refers to the frog and the nightingale 

(c) The nightingale must give the audience something fresh, pleasant and sharper notes of her songs to make them happy, so that they can have better will 

(d) The speaker, the frog is cruel, selfish, commanding and conniving. He does not care about the total health of the nightingale, but just wants to exploit the situation. 


9. (a) Michael’s father was fascinated by computers since he had a lot of computer related stuff rich as 1.2 MHz processor, co-Rom a large secret seven, etcetera already and he tool with a large number of games too. He had taught his son, how to use it at an early age and chen took him to a computer fair where they bought a glove, ansor and psycho-driven game. 

(b) Lonica Meblin had a protective elder sister” attitude towards money since wherever money was narrowed, Louisa never failed to protect them from getry spent worthlessly, with no respect to nationality or demananation. She was very materialistic.. Even when she had been a pond companion to Mrs. Packletide, the suggested her to kill the tiger before it at the goat so that they did not have to pay for the goat, which was an extra boit. She cared about money just like a girl protects her younger sister 

(c) Shakespeare had written his Sonnet 55, Not Marble, now the Gilded Monuments in the memory of his friends He had faith in his poetry which would brave the savages of the time and immortalize his friend. I When Shakespeare’s friend would rise on the day of Judgement, he would realize that no means forgotten him. Even the many next generations after wing have remembered him and he had been immortalized. 

(e) Helen was a ghost and we can not expect a ghost to be made a materials she it appeared in the form of gas, with her boots appearing first and som the affection spread to reveal her entire torso. Her rolu care rather be heard before she counts into sight. Since the affection of her existence er spread slowly through her body, she appeared in bits and preces John Hallock could even she directly through her body. 


10. When sifa lakanto Ray, better known as Patol Babu, used to promote earlier perform on stage in o his young days, he was quite popular. His mentor Mr. Gogon Pakrashi had once advised nem a not to consider any role below his dignity and give his best performance every time. he had told him – ” Every dialogue is like a fruit in a tree and it is the ato acting & the actor which brings out the true meaning of a dialogue with all d e Patol Babu had left hit quit his acting career years ago and when a more nonentity like him was offered a role in a film, he was surprised Upon reaching the set of the film, he enquired about his lines and much to his dismay, it was a monosyllabic word, ” oh!” was disappointed, but remembered the adrese of his mentor. He practiced his dialogue and realized that the world could be expressed in so many ways. He decided to show in talent and schearsed his actions and expressions for the scene. He even suggested to carry a newspaper at the time of collision and calculated the timing and his footsteps. this timing was so perfect that the lead actor Chanchal Kumar hardly passed out.” He was very much satisfied with his performance and left without getting paid. This shows he was not at all materialistic. The cont valuable words of his mentor contributed in charging his negative anotione. 



11. (a) Anne’s father, Mr. Otto Frank was a wealthy person who gave his children a comfortable life. He had shifted from Germany to Holland due to Hitler’s rule and worked in Opet Dutch Opekta tua company. He was a good and had to go into hiding to flee the atrocities of Germans. He had planned the escape much soon and immediately moved into going when Margot got a call- up notice cared for his family a lot. Also, he was an understanding father since he told Anne about the possibility q kaving their house beforehand so that the could be ready, and prepared He was deeply loved by his family, and was called Pim. the took care of Anne in the secret Annex too, he provided her confort during heavy bombings and gun fires and acted as a pacifier between Amure and her mother. He defended his daughter when Mrs. van Daan called Anne, a spoilt brat for not eating certain dishes an He advised Anne to ask . Dr. Dussell once more about the table in their room and when the arrogant man refused twice, he came to his daughter’s rescue. He took care of the fact that children got food before the helped his daughters with their ussens and encouraged them to read more books. Yet, he appeared to be drifting away from Anne in the later point of their stay in the Annex. He scolded for Anne without knowing the issue when she was looking into Margot’s bork and Margot was at fault. -Mu a profecline father, he suggested Anne to not go upstairs to leter’s room and asked her to be careful the understood her feelings for the boy and did not interfere much. He even talked to Peter about it and liter too admired Anne’s father. 

According to Anne, her father could not read her heart and did nor help her in times of a breakdown, but as a whole, and we get a positive picture of Otto Frank from Arune’s ding who is coming sensible, pacifying and understanding father to hat daughters. When the inmates of Annex were caught and deported to competitors, he was the only one to survive and spent his life spreading the message of his daughter, about life and its hardships. 


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