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Railway Group D Previous Year Paper 27 Sept 2018 I Shift

Railway Group D Previous Year Paper 25 Oct 2018 I Shift
October 24, 2019
Railway Group D Previous Year Paper 28 Sept 2018 I Shift
October 24, 2019

RRB Group-D 27th Sep 2018-shift -1

Instructions: For the following questions answer them individually

Q. 1 You are given a question and two statements. Identify which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.

Question: What is the total age of the sisters 10 years from now?


1. Lina is 20 years old now.

2. Lina’s sister’s age is twice that of of ¼th the age of Lina.

A. Statement 1 alone is sufficient.

B. Statements 1 and 2 together are not sufficient.

C. Statement 2 alone is sufficient.

D. Statements 1 and 2 together are sufficient.

Answer: D


Q. 2 Who has won the Best Actor award in the 90th Oscar awards 2018?

A. Garry Oldman

B. Denzel Washington

C. Daniel Day Lewis

D. Daniel Kaluuya

Answer: A


Q. 3 A. person clapped his hands near a cliff and heard echo after 6 s. The distance of the cliff from the person is: [take v = 346ms−1]

A. 1038 m

B. 1083 m

C. 2076 m

D. 2706 m

Answer: A


Q. 4 A. car accelerates uniformly from 18kmh−1 to 72kmh−1 in 5 s. The acceleration of the car is: 

A. 3 ms-2

B. 10.8 ms-2

C. 10.8 ms-2

D. 3 ms-2

Answer: D


Q. 5 Which of the option figures bears the closest resemblance to the question figure?

A. B

B. D

C. C

D. A

Answer: C


Q. 6 What is the percentage of oxygen in Al2(SO4)3?

A. 57.7%

B. 56.1%

C. 53.1%

D. 52.6%

Answer: B


Q. 7 Given is a question followed by two armaments. Decide which of the armaments is/are strong with respect to the question.

Question: Should we avoid overuse of air conditioners?


I. Yes, it weakens the human system.

II. No, the comfort cannot be forsaken

A. Only argument I is strong.

B. Both arguments I and II are strong.

C. Only argument II is strong.

D. Neither argument I nor II is strong.

Answer: A


Q. 8 Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Char Dham highway development project or Chardham Mahamarg Vikas Paiiyojna at ………..

A. Rishikesh

B. Dehradun

C. Manikaran

D. Haridwar

Answer: B


Q. 9 Pond is related to Water in the same way as Mountain is related to:

A. Birds

B. Rocks

C. Animals

D. Climb

Answer: B


Q. 10 Who became the first Indian woman to win the Korea open series in Badminton?

A. Saina Nehwal

B. Jwala Gutta

C. Ashwini Ponnappa

D. P. V Sindhu

Answer: D


Q. 11 You are given a question and two statements. Identify which of the statements is/are necessary/sufficient to answer the question.

Question: Among the bags A, B, C. and D. which one is the lightest bag?


1. B. is heavier than A

2. A. is lighter than C. and D

A. Statement 2 alone is sufficient

B. Statement 1 and 2 together are necessary

C. Statement 1 alone is sufficient

D. Statement 1 and 2 are not sufficient to solve

Answer: B


Q. 12 Name the country which won the 2017 Women’s Hockey Asia Cup title?

A. Nepal

B. Pakistan

C. India

D. Bangladesh

Answer: C


Q. 13 The median of the numbers 14, 12, 12, 16, 13 and 18 is:

A. 13

B. 14

C. 14.5

D. 13.5

Answer: D


Q. 14 PM Modi’s Birthday has been celebrated as ……….. across India.

A. Kisan Diwas

B. Sewa Diwas

C. Hindi Diwas

D. Bal Diwas

Answer: B


Q. 15 The Chola kings were prolific temple builders who built the …….. temple at Tanjavur.

A. Brahmeshvara

B. Brihadeesvara

C. Lingaraja

D. Dilwara

Answer: B


Q. 16 ……….. as is used as an illuminating gas.

A. Methyl

B. Propane

C. Butene

D. Ethyne

Answer: B


Q. 17     80 ÷ [48 − {56 − (60 − 36 ÷ 12 × 4)}] =

A. 5

B. 8

C. 4

D. 2

Answer: D


Q. 18 Read the given statement(s) and conclusions carefully and select which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statement.

Statement: “Kirti played a very good shot on the pitch,” says a friend to Sajit.


I. Sajit likes cricket.

II. Kirti is a good player.

A. Conclusion I alone follows

B. Conclusion II alone follows

C. Neither I nor II follows

D. Both the conclusions follow

Answer: B


Q. 19 ¾ + {¾ + ¾ ÷ (¾ + ¾)} = ?

A. ¾ 

B. 1

C. 2

D. 234

Answer: C


Q. 20 A. water tank is ⅖th full. Inlet A. can fill the tank in 12 minutes while an outlet pipe B. can empty it in 6 minutes. If both the pipes are open, how long will it take to empty or fill the tank completely? 

A. It fills in 4.8 min

B. It empties in 4.8 min

C. It fills in 5.6 min

D. It empties in 5.6 min

Answer: B


Q. 21 38% of a number is 133. What is the number?

A. 340

B. 350

C. 360

D. 355

Answer: B


Q. 22 Who among the following had been roped in June 2017 by the Union Government of India to promote GST?

A. Sachin Tendulkar

B. Salman Khan

C. Amitabh Bachchan

D. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Answer: C


Q. 23 Find the square root of 15625.

A. 125

B. 145

C. 150

D. 135

Answer: A


Q. 24 Complete the number series by choosing the missing terms from the options.

32, 64, 256, 1536, ? ,122880,1474560

A. 122860

B. 12268

C. 12285

D. 12288

Answer: D


Q. 25 If tan α = 3 + 2 then the value of tan α − cot α is

A. 2

B. 23

C. 3-2

D. 4

Answer: B


Q. 26 In the diagram, M is the midpoint of YZ, ∠XMZ = 32°, and ∠XYZ= 16°. The measure of ∠XYZ is:

A. 68°

B. 84°

C. 81°

D. 74°

Answer: D


Q. 27 Soft drinks contain:

A. Oxalic acid

B. Tartaric acid

C. Carbonic acid

D. Citric acid

Answer: C


Q. 28 Raghu has invested ₹ 1000 and received ₹ 1300 at 6% per annum simple interest after X years. Find the value of X.

A. 4 years

B. 3 years

C. 2 years

D. 5 years

Answer: D


Q. 29 Thorn Forests are found in ………..

A. Kashmir

B. Kerala

C. Sikkim

D. Rajasthan

Answer: D


Q. 30 Bending of light rays in denser medium is termed as:

A. Reflection

B. Dispersion

C. Refraction

D. Deflection

Answer: C


Q. 31 In a shop 4.5% of 1500 kg toor dal was sold. Find the quantity sold.

A. 64.5 kg.

B. 63.5 kg.

C. 70 kg

D. 67.5 kg.

Answer: D


Q. 32 Consider the given statement(s) and decide which of the given assumption(s) is/are implicit in the statement

Statement: School students are more influenced by their faculty nowadays


I. School students consider their faculty as role models

II. More time is spent at schools by students

A. Neither I nor II is implicit

B. Only II is implicit

C. Only I is implicit

D. Either I or II is implicit

Answer: C


Q. 33 An object travels 23 m in 3 s and then another 15 m in 2 s. What is the average speed of the object? 

A. 7.6 ms−1

B. 7.6 s−1

C. 8.0 ms−1

D. 7.6 m

Answer: A


Q. 34 Find the next term in the following. series:

X24C, V22E, T20G, ………..

A. RI19

B. R19I

C. R18I

D. RI18

Answer: C


Q. 35 Pipe A. is an inlet pipe that can fill an empty cistern in 69 hours. Pipe B. can drain the filled cistern in 46 hours. When the cistern was filled the two pipes are opened one at a time for an hour each, starting with Pipe B. how long will it take for the cistern to be empty?

A. 11 days 10 hours

B. 11 days 7 hours

C. 11 days 12 hours

D. 1 days 13 hours

Answer: B


Q. 36 When a constant force acts on an object with a mass of 8 kg for a duration of 3 s. it increases the object’s velocity from 4ms−1 to 6ms−1 . What is the magnitude of the applied force?

A. 5.33 N

B. 4.33 N

C. 6.33 N

D. 3.33 N

Answer: A


Q. 37 Find the next term in the following series.

Z26, X24, V22, ………

A. T20

B. W23

C. K15

D. J10

Answer: A


Q. 38 An object of 10 kg is moving with a speed of 2 m/s. The kinetic energy of the object is:

A. 20 J

B. 5 J

C. 10 J

D. 40 J

Answer: A


Q. 39 If a is positive and a2 + 1/a2 = 7 then a3 + 1/a2 = ?

A. 21

B. 37

C. 18

D. 77

Answer: C


Q. 40 …………. elements have the largest atoms.

A. F

B. O

C. H

D. Li

Answer: D


Q. 41 West Bengal shares boundaries with ………….. countries.

A. 2

B. 4

C. 1

D. 3

Answer: D


Q. 42 Find the odd one out

A. C

B. D

C. A

D. B

Answer: C


Q. 43 If a person moves a trolley for a distance of 10 m with a force of 50 N, then the work done is:

A. 0.2 J

B. 5 J

C. 20 J

D. 500 J

Answer: D


Q. 44 A. and B. can complete a task in 1.5 days. However, A. had to leave a few days before the task was completed and hence it took 2 days in all to complete the task. If A. alone could complete the work in 2.625 days, how many days before the work getting over did A. leave?

A. 1.125

B. 0.625

C. 0.375

D. 0.875

Answer: D


Q. 45 A/An ………….. tissue is formed beneath the skin and between internal organs.

A. Epithelial

B. Nervous

C. Muscular

D. Adipose

Answer: D


Q. 46 If MEAT is coded as 135120. then what will be the code for ZEBRA?

A. 2652181

B. 2652191

C. 2662181

D. 2662191

Answer: A


Q. 47 Who among the following hosted the Hindi version of “Bin Boss-11”?

A. Aamir Khan

B. Salman Khan

C. Shilpa Shetty

D. Farhan Akhtar

Answer: B


Q. 48 ……. is the property of attracting electrons by the halogen atoms in a molecule.

A. Electron affinity

B. Electro positivity

C. Electro chemistry

D. Electro negativity

Answer: D


Q. 49 The headquarter of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is located in:

A. Delhi

B. Mumbai

C. Chennai

D. Kolkata

Answer: B


Q. 50 Which of the following inert gases is placed in period 4 of the periodic table?

A. Kr

B. Rn

C. Xe

D. Ar

Answer: A


Q. 51 In a code language, AILMENT is written as 1923540. What is the code for DISEASE?

A. 4985195

B. 4995195

C. 4905195

D. 4995196

Answer: B


Q. 52 Sabrina travelled 8 km/hr on foot and 13 km/hr on cycle. She travelled a distance of 84 km in 8 hours. For how many hours did she cycle?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 3

D. 2

Answer: A


Q. 53 Venu is the Son of Avani and Amit is the son of Avani’s brother. How is Amit’s Mother related to Venu? 

A. Sister

B. Maternal aunt

C. Paternal aunt

D. Cousin

Answer: B


Q. 54 Who is considered as the father of taxonomy?

A. Darwin

B. Einstein

C. Mandelbrot

D. Linnaeus

Answer: D


Q. 55 5th January 2018 was a Friday. Which of the following years will also have 5th January on a Friday?

A. 2022

B. 2020

C. 2024

D. 2023

Answer: C


Q. 56 As per RBI Annual Report 2016-17, what is the estimated value of demonetised banknotes received? 

A. ₹ 12.25 lakh crore

B. ₹ 15.28 lakh crore

C. ₹ 19.48 lakh crore

D. ₹ 13.35 lakh crore

Answer: B


Q. 57 Who among the following was crowned with the Miss World 2017 title?

A. Andrea Meza

B. Rolene Strauss

C. Manushi Chillar

D. Aurore Kichenin

Answer: C


Q. 58 For the data given below. find the sum of mode. median and mean.

6, 3, 8, 4, 3, 11, 7, 4, 5, 4.

A. 13.5

B. 13

C. 14

D. 14.5

Answer: C


Q. 59 Vishal is 20 years younger to Arya. Twelve years hence Arya’s age will be 1.25 times that of Vishal. Arya is now ……… years old.

A. 78

B. 68

C. 88

D. 72

Answer: C


Q. 60 Read the given statement(s) and conclusions carefully and select which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statement(s).

Statement: Looking at Limay’s new watch, Nita comments, “Oh, that’s so awesome. Where did you buy it from?”


I. Limay’s watch is attractive

II. Nita wants to know where to buy a similar watch from.

A. Both the conclusions follow

B. Conclusion II alone follows

C. Neither I nor II follows

D. Conclusion I alone follows

Answer: A


Q. 61 In ……….., Sher Khan ( SherShah )attacked Bengal and defeated Ghiyashuddin Shah.

A. 1358

B. 1583

C. 1538

D. 1540

Answer: C


Q. 62 By selling a used phone for ₹ 7,260 Sanjan got 34% less than what it cost him to buy it a few years ago. At what price should Sanjan have sold the phone to gain a profit of 5%?

A. ₹ 11,460

B. ₹ 11,480

C. ₹ 11,440

D. ₹ 11,420

Answer: E


Q. 63 You are given a question and three statements. Identify which of the statements is/are necessary/sufficient to answer the question.

L, M, N, O and P are standing in a circle facing the centre. Who is standing to the right of L?


1. Next to L are P and M

2. O is standing to the right of P

3. O is standing to the left of N

A. Statement 1 and 2 are not sufficient

B. Statements 1 and 2 together are sufficient

C. The statements are insufficient

D. Statement 1 alone is sufficient

Answer: B


Q. 64 In a code language, FATE is written as 61205. What is the code for LEAN?

A. 125114

B. 125115

C. 126114

D. 135114

Answer: A


Q. 65 Which of the following numbers is irrational?

A. 101024

B. 41024

C. 1024

D. 51024

Answer: B


Q. 66 Find the next term in the given series.

B2, K12, T72, …….

A. C432

B. A434

C. A432

D. C434

Answer: A


Q. 67 The famous activist Irom Chanu Sharmila is better known as ‘The Iron Lady of …….

A. Manipur

B. Mizoram

C. Nagaland

D. Tripura

Answer: A


Q. 68 ………. helps the eye to adjust the focal length of the lens.

A. Lens

B. Ciliary body

C. Retina

D. Entire eye ball

Answer: B


Q. 69 Which of the following correctly represents the relationship between the following classes?

A) Bell

B) Water

C) Brass

Answer: A


Q. 70 Name the Chief Minister of Telangana who was honoured with the Global Agricultural Leadership Award 2017.

A. Siddaramaiah

B. K. T. Rama Rao

C. N. Chandrababu Naidu

D. K. Chandra Shekhar Rao

Answer: D


Q. 71 What is the full form of ASSOCHAM?

A. Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry

B. Association of Commerce

C. Associated Commerce

D. Associated Chambers in India

Answer: A


Q. 72 Name the Bollywood actor who received Kala Ratan Award in March 2017?

A. Naseeruddin Shah

B. Akshay Kumar

C. Anupam Kher

D. Jitendra

Answer: C


Q. 73 Where the mature sperm are produced?

A. Scrotum

B. Vas deferens

C. Prostate gland

D. Testes

Answer: D


Q. 74 Asexual reproduction takes place in:

A. Plants

B. Higher animals

C. Lower animals

D. Lower animals and plants

Answer: D


Q. 75 Tribeni bad to travel 175 km in 3.5 hours. However, she travelled at the rate of 58 km/hr for 2.5 hours and then rested for 20 minutes before completing the journey. If Tribeni managed to reach on time, her speed during the last stretch would have been ……….

A. 36 km/hr

B. 30 km/hr

C. 42.5 km/hr

D. 45 km/hr

Answer: D


Q. 76 Who among the following was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Manipur in 2017?

A. M Koireng Singh

B. N Siren Singh

C. Longjam Thambou

D. M Alimuddin Singh

Answer: B


Q. 77 An object travels 24 m in 3 s and then another 15 m in 2 s. What is the average speed of the object?

A. 7.8 s-1

B. 7.8 ms-1

C. 8.0 m

D. 6.67 ms-1

Answer: B


Q. 78      (−12)[11 + {7 × (−3)}] ÷ [4 {13 − (−3) × (−6)}] =

A. 6

B. -4

C. 4

D. -2

Answer: A


Q. 79 An object having the capability to do work is said to possess:

A. Inertia

B. Force

C. Pressure

D. Energy

Answer: D


Q. 80 How many triangles are there in this figure?

A. 21

B. 23

C. 22

D. 20

Answer: B


Q. 81 ……. is displaced when zinc is added to the solution of copper sulphate.

A. Copper

B. Hydrogen

C. Zinc

D. Sulphate

Answer: A


Q. 82 Atomic radius is measured in:

A. Micrometres

B. Nanometres

C. Millimetres

D. Centimetres

Answer: B


Q. 83 ……….. compound is used as a drying agent.

A. Calcium oxide

B. Calcium carbide

C. Gypsum

D. Calcium carbonate

Answer: A


Q. 84 What will come in the place of question mark (?) in the below series?

A. A

B. D

C. B

D. C

Answer: D


Q. 85 Consider the given statement(s) and decide which of the given assumption(s) is/are implicit in the statement.

Statement:”The use of antibiotic tablets, destabilises the gut bacteria”.


I. There are friendly bacteria in the gut.

II. Gut health is foremost for overall health.

A. Both I and II are implicit.

B. Only I is implicit.

C. Only II is implicit.

D. Neither I nor II is implicit.

Answer: B


Q. 86 A. mass of 20 kg is at a height of 8 m above the ground. Then the potential energy possessed by the body is: [Given g = 9.8ms−2 ]

A. 1568 J

B. 1568 C

C. 1568 W

D. 1568 N

Answer: A


Q. 87   1kWH = ………J

A. 3.6 × 10−8

B. 3.6 × 10−6

C. 3.6 × 108

D. 3.6 × 106

Answer: D


Q. 88 Which of the option figures bears the closest resemblance to the question figure?

A. B

B. D

C. C

D. A

Answer: A


Q. 89 What is the average price difference per kg (in ₹) for vegetables between two years for the three months given in the following table?

A. Average price of vegetables in Year 1 is less than that in Year 2.

B. There is no difference in the average price.

C. Average price of vegetables in Year 2 is less than that in Year 1.

D. We cannot compare the prices.

Answer: B


Q. 90 Select the lateral mirror image of TEETH from the given option figures?

A. C

B. D

C. A

D. B

Answer: D


Q. 91 How many triangles are there in the following figure?

A. 48

B. 32

C. 46

D. 30

Answer: E


Q. 92 Which pattern will the given transparent sheet resemble when it is folded at the dotted line?

A. D

B. C

C. B

D. A

Answer: C


Q. 93 In the year 2016, there were 52 weeks and P days. Find the value of P.

A. 2

B. 4

C. 3

D. 5

Answer: A


Q. 94 Which of the fractions given below is not equal to 4/11 ?

A. 32/88

B. 84/209

C. 64/176

D. 20/55

Answer: B


Q. 95 Select the option that can replace the question mark (?) in the following series.

A. B

B. C

C. D

D. A

Answer: C


Q. 96 Alarms from 3 different clocks sound after every 2, 4 and 6 hours, respectively. If the clocks are started at the same 6 time, how many times do the alarms ring together in 3 days?

A. 6

B. 3

C. 9

D. 2

Answer: A


Q. 97 Meet starts cycling early in the morning, facing the Sun. After some time, he takes a 45° turn to his left and then again turns 80° towards his left. In which direction is he now with respect to his initial position?

A. South-East

B. South-West

C. North-West

D. North-East

Answer: C


Q. 98 As of August 2018, what is the portfolio held by the current Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad?

A. Human Resource Development

B. Petroleum

C. Law and Telecommunications

D. Coal

Answer: C


Q. 99 Which of the option figures bears the closest resemblance to the question figure?

A. A

B. C

C. B

D. D

Answer: B


Q. 100      (−18)[36 ÷ {7 − (−2)}] ÷ (−4) {19 − (−3) × (−5)} =?

A. -4.5

B. 4.5

C. 2.5

D. -2.5

Answer: B

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