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Railway Group D Previous Year Paper 28 Sept 2018 I Shift

Railway Group D Previous Year Paper 27 Sept 2018 I Shift
October 24, 2019
Railway Group D Previous Year Paper 28 Sept 2018 II Shift
October 25, 2019

RRB Group-D 28th Sep 2018-shift -1

Instructions: For the following questions answer them individually

Q. 1 An object travels 10 m in 4 s and then another 14 m in 2 s. What is the average speed of the object?

A. 4.5 ms-1

B. 4 m

C. 4 s-1

D. 4 ms-1

Answer: D


Q. 2 The molten material mixed with eases in the mantle of the Earth is called:

A. Magma

B. Helium

C. Core

D. Lava

Answer: A


Q. 3 How many groups and periods are present in the Modern Periodic Table?

A. 8 groups and 6 periods

B. 18 groups and 9 periods

C. 18 groups and 7 periods

D. 7 groups and 10 periods

Answer: C


Q. 4 What is the sum of the reciprocals of the values of zeroes of the polynomial 6×2 + 3×2 − 5x + 1 ?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer: D


Q. 5 Find the odd one out.

A. C

B. B

C. D

D. A

Answer: C


Q. 6 That is the valency of copper in cuprous oxide?

A. 4

B. 3

C. 2

D. 1

Answer: D


Q. 7 315 marbles are disttibuted among Amen, Ashok and Alok in the ratio 7 : 3 : 5, respectively. How many more marbles did Aman get compared to Ashok?

A. 84

B. 42

C. 147

D. 63

Answer: A


Q. 8 …….. does NOT contain carbonyl group.

A. Aldehyde

B. Carboxyl acid

C. Ketone

D. Ethanol

Answer: D


Q. 9 One of the two inlet pipes works twice as efficiently as the other. The two, working alongside a drain pipe that can empty a cistern all by itself in 12 hours, can fill the empty cistern in 12 hours. How many hours will the less efficient inlet pipe take to fill the empty cistern by itself?

A. 9

B. 15

C. 12

D. 18

Answer: D


Q. 10 The Battle of Plassey was fought on ……….

A. 23rd June 1557

B. 23rd June 1657

C. 23rd June 1857

D. 23rd June 1757

Answer: D


Q. 11 Which assumptions are implied from the below statement?


“In 10 years, the real impact of unscrupulous use of plastics would be felt,” says an ecologist.


I. Plastic is non-decomposable

II. Plastic affects the ecological balance

A. Only assumption II is implicit

B. Only assumption I is implicit

C. Both I and II are implicit

D. Neither I nor II is implicit

Answer: C


Q. 12 The point at which all rays converge is termed as ………

A. principle axis

B. pole

C. aperture

D. focus

Answer: D


Q. 13 If E and A. are daughters of B. and A. is married to V. then how is V related to E?

A. Son-in-law

B. Father-in-law

C. Brother-in-law

D. Mother-in-law

Answer: C


Q. 14 Select the option that can replace the question mark (?) in the following series.

A. C

B. D

C. A

D. B

Answer: B


Q. 15 4x2 + kx + 5 is divisible by x + 1. The same expression is also divisible by:

A. 4x + 5 

B. 4x – 1

C. 4x – 5

D. x- 5 

Answer: A


Q. 16 Garima and her sister together can paint the walls of their house in 45 days. If Garima alone did the job, it would have taken her 81 days. If the duo started painting together but Garima’s sister had to leave 9 days before the completion of the work, how many days in all would it take the sisters to paint their house?

A. 49

B. 48

C. 52

D. 50

Answer: A


Q. 17 ……….. has the greatest electron affnity.

A. Br

B. Cl

C. I

D. F

Answer: B


Q. 18 Which of the answer figures is formed from the shapes given the problem figure? Problem figure: 

A. A

B. C

C. B

D. D

Answer: C


Q. 19 ….. was the Finance Minister of the Mughal empire during Akbar’s reign.

A. Birbal

B. Raja Man Singh 1

C. Tansen

D. Raja Todar Mal

Answer: D


Q. 20 You are given a question and two statements. Identify which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.

Question: Nayan has 4 caps of 3 different colours. How many blue caps does he have?


1. Nayan has 2 white caps.

2. The number of blue caps he has is the same as that of beige caps.

A. Statement 1 alone is sufficient.

B. Statements 1 and 2 together are sufficient.

C. Statements 1 and 2 together are not sufficient.

D. Statement 2 alone is sufficient.

Answer: E


Q. 21 Read the statement below along with two conclusions.

Statement: Naina asks for pen from Mahi.


I. Naina doesn’t have a pen

II. Naina wants to write something

Which conclusion(s) follow(s) the given statement?

A. Both the conclusions follow

B. Conclusion I alone follows

C. Neither I nor II follows

D. Conclusion II alone follows

Answer: A


Q. 22 ……… is the mobile application launched by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to aid exporters and

importers in the country.

A. Nikat Man

B. Maitree Mitra

C. Niryat Mitra

D. Dikhat Mitra

Answer: C


Q. 23 A. year ago Akash’s father’s age was 9 times that of Akash. After 3 years his father’s age will be 5 times that of his age. How old will Akash be next year?

A. 4 years

B. 5 years

C. 8 years

D. 6 years

Answer: D


Q. 24 How many triangles are there in the following figure?

A. 8

B. 12

C. 11

D. 17

Answer: D


Q. 25 ……… mutation is NOT hereditary.

A. Deletion

B. Insertion

C. Somatic

D. Duplication

Answer: C


Q. 26 Which of the following is NOT a perfect square?

A. 1250

B. 16641

C. 2025

D. 9801

Answer: A


Q. 27 Select the option figure that will complete the series of question figures.

A. D

B. C

C. A

D. B

Answer: B


Q. 28 Which Indian has been crowned Miss Teen Universe 2017 at Managua, the capital of Nicaragua? 

A. Neeru Chadha

B. Nisha Dutt

C. Simran Khosla

D. Srishti Kaur

Answer: D


Q. 29 Voluntary muscles are contained in the ………

A. heart

B. hind limb

C. liver

D. lung

Answer: B


Q. 30 Choose the correct alternative to complete the pattern:

1224364860, 1122334455, 1020304050, ……….

A. 918273642

B. 918273644

C. 918273645

D. 918273643

Answer: C


Q. 31 Which state government launched the ‘Gobar-dhan’ scheme to support farmers?

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Haryana

C. Rajasthan

D. Punjab

Answer: E


Q. 32 Consider the given statement(s) and decide which of the given assumption(s) is/are implicit in the statement.

Statement: “Tomorrow morning the hockey team will report by 9.00 am instead of 8:00 am for practise” said the coach.


I. That day coach had some other work at 8:00 am.

II. They usually assemble for practice.

A. Only I is implicit.

B. Only II is implicit.

C. Both I and II are implicit.

D. Neither I nor II is implicit.

Answer: B


Q. 33 Which of the followin aroup produces naked seeds?

A. Angiosperms

B. Bryophyta

C. Thallophyte

D. Gymnosperms

Answer: D


Q. 34 Find the next term in the followin& series:

31, 38, 44, 51, ……….

A. 58

B. 57

C. 51

D. 55

Answer: B


Q. 35 The ratio of the area of a square to the area of a reenlar hexagon. having the same perimeter is:

A. 2:3

B. 3:2

C. 1:3

D. 4:33

Answer: B


Q. 36 3/12 of 25+41535-25= ?

A. 5/7 

B. 5/6

C. 6/5

D. 2/6

Answer: B


Q. 37 What is the next term in this series?

L, D, O, E, R, F, ?

A. K

B. S

C. U

D. Q

Answer: C


Q. 38 The Electoral College who elects the President of India is formed by

A. Head of the Parliament

B. Governor

C. Former President

D. Elected members of the Parliament and the State Legislative Assemblies

Answer: D


Q. 39 An element of atomic number 16 will belong to the …… period of the periodic table.

A. 5th

B. 6th 

C. 3rd

D. 4th

Answer: C


Q. 40 An electric bulb of 100 W is used 8 hours per day. The energy consumed by the bulb in one day is ……. units.

A. 800

B. 80

C. 8

D. 0.8

Answer: D


Q. 41 As of February 2018, who was the spokesperson of the Indian Navy?

A. Captain D. K. Sharma

B. Admiral Suresh Bhatt

C. Captain M.K. Sharma

D. Pranab Mukherjee

Answer: A


Q. 42 Pipe C. and D. alone can fill a tank in 4 and 5 hours, respectively. If pipe C. is closed after 3 hours and at the same time pipe D. is opened. in how many hours will the tank get filled?

A. 0.8

B. 1.25

C. 1

D. 1.5

Answer: B


Q. 43 {52 − (9 − 2)} ÷ [3 × {1 + (−2) × (−2)}] =?

A. 3

B. -9

C. 9

D. -5

Answer: A


Q. 44 Nikhil meets a boy at the park. The boy identifies Nikhil as his father’s younger brother. Nikhil is the boy’s …….. 

A. father

B. maternal uncle

C. cousin

D. paternal uncle

Answer: D


Q. 45 Football was officially included as a competitive game in Olympics in:

A. 1908

B. 1924

C. 1916

D. 1900

Answer: A


Q. 46 What is the area of a triangle whose vertices are A( – 4, – 2),B( – 3, – 5) and C(3, -2)?

A. 12 sq units

B. 10 sq units

C. 7.5 sq units

D. 10.5 sq units

Answer: D


Q. 47 A. and B. can do a piece of work together in 15 days while A. alone can do it in 25 days. They start working together but B. leaves 5 days before the completion of the work. For how many days did A. and B. work together?

A. 10

B. 13

C. 9

D. 11

Answer: E


Q. 48 The Second Equation of Motion gives the relationship between ……… and Time.

A. Acceleration

B. Position

C. Momentum

D. Velocity

Answer: B


Q. 49 If two charged bodies having equal potential are connected through a conducting wire, then: 

A. magnetic induction flows

B. current flows from positive to negative

C. current will not flow

D. current will flow from neaative to positive

Answer: C


Q. 50 Who among the following won the ‘ITA. Sterling Icon of Indian Entertainment’ award at the 17th edition of the Indian Television Academy Awards held in November 2017?

A. Jitendra

B. Ek-ta Kapoor

C. Siddharth Roy Kapur

D. Shobha Kapoor

Answer: B


Q. 51 V is the daughter of MX and N is the daughter of NX. MX and NX have the same father. V and N are: 

A. Sister-in-law

B. Cousins

C. Paternal Aunt

D. Maternal Aunt

Answer: B


Q. 52 What is the horizontal minor image of HAY?

A. A

B. B

C. D

D. C

Answer: D


Q. 53 The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awardee receives a cash price of rupees:


A. 7.5 lakh

B. 7 lakh

C. 25 lakh

D. 10 lakh

Answer: A


Q. 54 How many triangles are there in the below figure?

A. 6

B. 12

C. 10

D. 8

Answer: E


Q. 55 “A. table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin: what else does a man need to be happy?” is said by: 

A. Albert Einstein

B. Alexander Graham bell

C. Sir Isac Newton

D. Alan Turing

Answer: A


Q. 56 Compressions and rarefactions are due to variability of:

A. magnetic difference

B. ray refraction

C. air pressure

D. temperature difference

Answer: C


Q. 57 Tarun and Tapan started a partnership with investments of ₹ 13,000 and ₹ 19,500 respectively, however due to a financial emergency Tapan had to withdraw his investment after 8 months. In what ratio should the profit of the first 12 months be shared among the duo?

A. 1 : 2

B. 1 : 1

C. 3 : 2

D. 2 : 3

Answer: B


Q. 58 India is the ……. most populated country in the world.

A. fourth

B. first

C. third

D. second

Answer: D


Q. 59 What is the formula of average velocity?

A. Vav = u − v/2

B. Vav = u + v/2

C. Vav = u + v

D. V = s/t

Answer: E


Q. 60 The volume of sales in a store is recorded for four different quarters. The following is the data. What are the average sales per quarter?

A. 250

B. 300

C. 350

D. 500

Answer: B


Q. 61 Which of the following does NOT belong to the given group?

A. Tunnel

B. Bunker

C. Well

D. Building

A. B

B. D

C. A

D. C

Answer: B


Q. 62 Jayant introduces a man to his friend as his wife’s father’s son. The man is Jayant’s ………

A. brother-in-law

B. sister-in-law

C. father-in-law

D. daughter-in-law

Answer: A


Q. 63 The filtration units in the human kidney are known as ………

A. nephrons

B. protons

C. neurons

D. neutrons

Answer: A


Q. 64 Two trains, one 153 m long and the other 127 m long; coming from opposite directions crossed each other in 7.2 seconds. The combined speed of the two trains every hour would then be:

A. 140 km/h

B. 105 km/h

C. 70 km/h

D. 280 km/h

Answer: A


Q. 65 If the chromosome number is 46 in a human being, how many chromosomes are present in somatic cells of the human being?

A. 24

B. 46

C. 23

D. 48

Answer: B


Q. 66 A. fraction when added to 7/3 gives 4.The said fraction is:

A. 123

B. -1/2

C. ⅔ 

D. 11/2

Answer: A


Q. 67     4 + 3 × 4 + 3 × 42 + 3 × 43 + 3 × 44 + 3 × 45 =?

A. 5 × 45

B. 9 × 44

C. 46

D. 10 × 44

Answer: C


Q. 68 Who is the current (as of July 2018) Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

A. Arvind Subramanian

B. Urjit Patel

C. Amitabh Kant

D. Racthuram Rajan

Answer: B


Q. 69 Study the following question and statements, and decide which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.

Question: J, K, L, M, N and O are standing in a row. If we arrange them according to their height from tallest to shortest, who is standing in the third place?


1. L is the tallest

2. J is taller than K

3. N is the shortest of all

4. K is taller than O

A. All the statements are insufficient

B. Statements 1,2 and 3 are sufficient

C. Statements 1,2, 3 and 4 together are sufficient

D. Statements 1 and 3 are sufficient

Answer: A


Q. 70 Which of the numbers given below is NOT rational?

A. 432

B. 364

C. 532

D. 327

Answer: A


Q. 71 …….. is a semiconductor.

A. Ga

B. Pb

C. Ge

D. Sn

Answer: C


Q. 72 If 3x2 + ax + 4 is perfectly divisible by x – 8 then the value of is:

A. 24.5

B. -25.5

C. -24.5

D. 25.5

Answer: C


Q. 73 Study the following question and decide which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.

Question: What is the total age of Nakul and Dwij?


1. Nakul is 12 years old today.

2. Dwij is younger to Nakul by 3 years.

A. Statement 1 and 2 together are insufficient

B. Statements 1 and 2 together are sufficient

C. Statement 1 alone is sufficient

D. Statement 2 alone is sufficient

Answer: B


Q. 74 Which of the following does NOT belon2 to this group?

A. Poetry

B. Sonnet

C. Rhyme

D. Diagram

A. B

B. A

C. C

D. D

Answer: D


Q. 75 Which of the following correctly represents the relationship between the given classes?

A) Spades

B) Hearts

C) Deck of cards

Answer: A


Q. 76 The electronic configuration of four elements is given below. Which one among the following will be more electro neeative?

A. A1(2,8,3)

B. P(2,8,5)

C. C1(2,8,7)

D. S(2,8,6)

Answer: C


Q. 77 To dispose of the old stocks, a person sold a tea-set for ₹ 3,540, which was 41% below the cost price. In order to make a profit of 11% the seller should have sold the set for …. more.

A. 2664.42

B. 2460

C. 1812.60

D. 3120

Answer: D


Q. 78 Which of the following is the official currency of the European Union?

A. Yen

B. Dollar

C. Euro

D. Pound

Answer: C


Q. 79 How many of the factors of 512 are perfect squares?

A. 3

B. 5

C. 6

D. 4

Answer: B


Q. 80 India celebrates its Constitution Day on:

A. 15th December

B. 26th November

C. 21st August

D. 26th January

Answer: B


Q. 81 An object has a potential energy of 400 J with a mass of 20 kg and gravity of 10 N kg-1 . The height of the object is:

A. 0.5 m

B. 4 m

C. 1 m

D. 2 m

Answer: D


Q. 82 With which sport is B. Sai Praneeth associated?

A. Cricket

B. Kho-Kho

C. Taek-wondo

D. Badminton

Answer: D


Q. 83 In which of the following field Udipi Ramachandra Rao has been awarded Tadma Vibhusharf by the Government of India in 2017?

A. Sports

B. Science

C. Literature

D. Music

Answer: B


Q. 84 Which of the below is NOT a city/ village/ town of Rajasthan?

A. Tonk

B. Nagaur

C. Sikar

D. Navsari

Answer: D


Q. 85 …….. is not acidic.

A. SbC14

B. CCl4

C. PC14

D. PCl3

Answer: B


Q. 86 A. shopkeeper sold two items, one at 25% profit and another at 15% loss and got a profit of ₹ 35. If the cost price of the item sold at 25% profit is twice than that of the item sold at 15% loss, find the sum of the cost price of both items.

A. ₹ 300

B. ₹ 200

C. ₹ 100

D. ₹ 400

Answer: A


Q. 87 What is the next term in the given series?

22A, 42E, 62I, ?…..

A. 82M

B. 82N

C. 82K

D. 82O

Answer: A


Q. 88 An object travels 15 m in 4 s and then another 16 m in 3 s. What is the average speed of the object?

A. 5.17 ms−1

B. 4.43 ms−1

C. 5.00 s−1

D. 6.17 ms−1

Answer: B


Q. 89 The law of definite proportions was stated by ……….

A. Democritus

B. Lavoisier

C. Proust

D. John Dalton

Answer: C


Q. 90 Which of the shapes in the options are combined to form the given shape?

A. A, B. and D

B. B, C. and D

C. D. and A

D. C. and D

Answer: B


Q. 91 The Human Development Index was developed by ……. in 1990

A. Mahbub Khan

B. Apara Sen

C. Syed-ul-Haq

D. Mahbub-ul-Haq and Amartya Sen

Answer: D


Q. 92 If PIG is coded as 1697, then what will be the code for GOAT?

A. 715122

B. 715120

C. 715123

D. 715121

Answer: B


Q. 93 By what number should 629 be multiplied to get 40?

A. 537

B. 6

C. 29

D. 637

Answer: D


Q. 94 Leela introduces two girls to her friend as the daughters of the only sister of her father. Leela and the girls are ………

A. cousins

B. friends

C. nieces

D. twins

Answer: A


Q. 95 Murali takes his dog for a walk. He turns left at a cross road and faces South. Towards which direction was he walking before turning left?

A. East

B. North

C. West

D. South

Answer: C


Q. 96 A. solution turns blue litmus to red. its pH is likely to be ………….

A. 9

B. 8

C. 6

D. 7

Answer: C


Q. 97 If the standard deviation of 0, 1, 2, 3 ……… 9 is K, then the standard deviation of 10, 11, 12, 13 ……….. 19 will be:

A. K+1

B. K

C. K+4

D. K+8

Answer: B


Q. 98 Who was appointed as the new Director General of Military Operations of the Indian Anny in 2018? 

A. Sarath Chand

B. Anil Chauhan

C. Ranbir Singh

D. A. K. Shaft

Answer: B


Q. 99 Given is a statement followed by two arguments. Decide which of the arguments is/are strong with respect to the statement.

Statement: There is an increase in mobile usage and cell phone towers.


I. It shows global development and fast and easy way to get connected with the wider world.

II. In the long run, there will be more signals that will affect the normal functioning of the ecological systems.

A. Neither argument I nor II is strong.

B. Both arguments I and II are strong.

C. Only argument I is strong.

D. Only argument II is strong.

Answer: C


Q. 100 How many balls, each of radius 1 cm, can be made from a steel sphere whose radius is 6 cm?

A. 126

B. 27

C. 64

D. 216

Answer: D

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