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Role of Educators in society

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Role of Educators in society


What are Educators:

                                           Since birth we have many relationships but the bonds we create ourselves is of friendship and teacher student relationship. Teachers possess an important position in the society by giving the most elegant and attractive accessories to personality of youth. In our ancient mythologies, teachers have been given the most respectful place. Since we learn things from our family but the teachers are the ones who give the right direction and shape to our thinking. They let us explore our potential and it cannot be wrong to say that we spend more time with teachers than any other. We always find teachers to be more eager towards our growth or development not only in studies but also in personal skills than us. Every teacher is a student in life but not every student can be a teacher. Teachers are the one who sow the seed of skills, potential, righteous thinking along with the feature of correcting our errors. They let us understand the moral and social values along with the lessons of being kind, laborious and honest. We always take from our teachers and in return, they only expect us to be a good and responsible person. This is true that many families rely for every kind of development of their child only on teachers because they can believe them as teachers are blessed with the feature of letting others succeed. Sometimes, we share a bond of friendship with them. 

Problems which Educators face:
  • They have very frustrating paperwork as they need to maintain the reports, question papers along with other records like making of results, providing notes and managing monthly tests. 
  • There is no appraisal or increment in salary and if it is but not enough as per their hard-work or their time – consumption. 
  • Teachers may face a problem in giving monthly progress reports or half yearly progress reports of each and every child to the parents via parents – teacher meetings as most of the time; it happens that parents instead of understanding start blaming teachers. 
  • Sometimes problems occur when they do not get jobs according to their qualifications or somewhere they face difficulty in getting recruitments as per their qualifications. In some cases students play smart and provide their own contacts instead of their parents because of which it picturises the difficulty in contacting parents or guardians when it is needed or necessary. 
  • The institution also put a pressure of performance upon teachers as to give multi-directional kind of developing activities to students but they have to do so the same without better resources. 
Problem solving techniques for Educators:

Well, there are many platforms who are trying to work out on these problems but “Vidhyarthi Darpan” is here which has come up with many innovative ideas to solve these problems for teachers. Actually Vidhyarthi Darpan is to here to welcome the new ideas for imparting each and every individual as per their thrust. 

  • This platform is creating a community of educators who want to spread their knowledge but not having sources as Vidhyarthi Darpan time to time manages some seminars regarding topics which come up in front. 
  • Vidhyarthi Darpan is giving opportunities to let their knowledge to come up via text form or audio or video for learners. Anyone can very easily get connected to educators for making their skills enhanced. 
  • Vidhyarthi Darpan is giving employment opportunities as it is connected to various institutions so; it can very easily for the educators to grab the opportunity of being recruited at the place where they want and as per their qualification. 
  • Vidhyarthi Darpan is giving various resources to meet the performance pressure of institution. As we all know that teachers cannot easily get connected with parents via various resources with help of technical solutions.
How to connect educators with “Vidhyarthi Darpan”?

Vidhyarthi Darpan is a very easily accessible educational portal which welcomes the educators or the new comers who want to be in this profession but not having sufficient resources, they can connect themselves through websites. Vidhyarthi Darpan is here to provide best options to those who are willing to enhance skills with just one click without any charge. 

Vidhyarthi Darpan is providing revenue generation as per their work. There are many techniques which Vidhyarthi Darpan is providing like Carrier counselling with the assurances of keeping the confidentiality. 

Conclusively, Vidhyarthi Darpan is trying to give another dimension to education system with best of their services.  This platform is giving opportunities in a personalized way so that the youth can easily reach the educators they want and the educators can get the proper platform to show their skills in a far better way. Vidhyarthi Darpan is just trying to make the dream of “Education, as a powerful weapon” come true. So just, start to find a way of making your own success.

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