Drawing or Painting from Still Life 

Note: Two themes are given. 

Candidates may attempt either Theme A or Theme B.


Theme A 

Objects required: A big transparent bowl, an apple, a papaya, two bananas, an  orange and a pear. 

Arrangement: Make an interesting arrangement by placing a few fruits inside the  bowl and a few in front of the bowl.  Suitable drapery may be used for the background and foreground. 


Theme B 

Objects required: Two Samosas, a few green chillies, a big bottle of ketchup / tomato sauce, transparent tea glass with tea in it, a medium size plate and a few tissue papers. 

Arrangement: Create an attractive arrangement by placing a plate with the samosas and green chillies in front of the tomato sauce / ketchup bottle. Place a few tissue papers partially under the plate. Arrange a tea glass suitably. Coloured drapery may be used.



Drawing or Painting from Nature 

This Paper is divided into two Themes. 

Candidates may attempt the question either from Theme A or Theme B. 


Theme A 

A detailed study of an ‘Onion’ half cut from center. Two pieces should be kept so  that the outer and inner study of a specimen can be depicted. Special attention should be paid to colour, texture, form and structure. 


Theme B 

A healthy stem of Bougainvillea with flowers and leaves to be given to the  students. Special attention to be paid to the character of flowers and leaves through  form, structure, tone, colour and texture. In case this flower is not available, a  similar flower of the variegated kind can be used.



Original Imaginative Composition in Colour 

Attempt any one of the following topics:

 1. Depict a laundry shop. A man is ironing with a heavy iron. A radio is on. A lady  is folding and stacking clothes. A child is playing. Water mugs and hangers are  left unattended on the ground. 

2. A few ladies are sitting under a huge tree. A mother is combing her daughter’s  hair. The other ladies are busy doing other work.

3. Examinations are approaching soon. Students are visiting the school library.  Some are referring to books, studying and making notes. The librarian is keeping  an eye on all of them. 

4. Compose an early morning scene. The sweepers are cleaning the roads. A few  walkers and joggers are seen. The newspaper delivery boy is on a cycle flinging  rolled up newspapers into the front of each house, as he rides by.



Applied Art 

Attempt any one of the following questions: 

1. Design a book cover for your Grandma’s recipes. The cover title is ‘My Grandma’s Kitchen’. Use only four colours (paper white is  not considered as a colour). The size of the cover page should be  20 cm x 25 cm. 


2. Make a repeat pattern for a door panel of size 20 cm x 25 cm. Special attention should be given to creative design with good colour  scheme, tone and execution. 


• Cutting and pasting of extra material is strictly prohibited. 

• Sequins, thread or magazine images must not be used. 

• Candidates should not use acrylic colours for making the poster.

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