CTET September 2016 Paper-I Previous Year Paper

CTET 2016 Paper 1

Q. 1 Which of the following is most effective method to encourage conceptual development in students ?

A. give students multiple examples and encourage them to use reasoning

B. Use punishment till students have made the required conceptual changes

C. New concepts need to be understood on their own without any refrence to the old ones

D. Replace the studnets incorrect ideas with the correct ones by asking them to memorize


Q. 2 Primary school children will learn more effectively in an atmosphere :

A. Where the focus and stress are only on mastering primarly cognitive skills of reading , writing and mathematics .

B. Where the teacher leads all the learning and expects students to play a passive role.

C. Where their emotional needs are met and they feel that they are valued .

D. Where the teacher is authorative and clearly dictates what should be done


Q. 3 A child sees the crow flying past the window and says “a bird’. what does this suggests about the child’s thinking .

A. The child has previosly stored memories

B.The child has developed the concept of ” bird “.

C.The child has developed some tools of language to communicate her expereince

A. A,B and C

B. Only B

C. A and B

D. B and C


Q. 4 What should a teacher tell her students to encourage them to do tasks with instristic motivation ?

A. “complete the task and get a toffee “

B. ” Try to do it , you will learn “

C. “come on ,finish it before she does “

D. ” why cant you be like him? see, he has done it perfectly “


Q. 5 How can a teacher encourage her students to be intrinsccally motivated towards learning for the sake of learning ?

A. By supporting them in setting individual goals and their mastery

B. By offering tangable rewards such as toffees

C. By inducing anxiety and fear

D. By giving competitive tasks


Q. 6 In an elementary classroom the effective teacher should aim at students to be motivated: 

A. By using punitive measures to respect the teacher

B. to perform so that they get good marks in the end

C. To learn so that they become curious

D. to rote memorize so that they become good at recall


Q. 7 Which of the following is example of effective school practise ?

A. Individualised learning

B. competitive classroom

C. Constant comparitive evaluation

D. Corporal punishment


Q. 8 The cephalocaudal principle of development explains how development proceeds from :

A. head to toe

B. rural to urban areas

C. general to specific functions

D. differentiated to integrated functions


Q. 9 Which of the following is a sensitive period pertaining to language development ?

A. Adulthood

B. early childhood period

C. prenetal period

D. middle childhood period


Q. 10 A 6 year old girl shows exceptional sporting ability .Both of her parents are sport persons ,send her for coaching everyday and train her on weekends .Her capabilities are most likely to be the results of an interaction between

A. health and training

B. discipline and nutrition

C. heridity and environment

D. growth and develpment


Q. 11 Which of the following are secondary agents of socialization?

A. School and immediete family members

B. family and relatives

C. family and neighbourhood

D. school and neighbourhood


Q. 12 According to Lev vygotsky ,the primary cause of cognitive development is :

A. adjustment is mental schemas

B. stimulus repsonse pairing

C. equilibration

D. social interaction


Q. 13 In the context of Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning under which stage would the given response for the child fall ?

“your parents should be proud of you if you be honest ,. So you should be honest .”

A. Good girl- good boy orientation

B. law and order orientation

C. punishment -obedeinece orientation

D. social contract orientation


Q. 14 According to Jean -piaget which one of the following is necessary for learning?

A. Belief in immanent justice

B. reinforcement by teachers and parents

C. Active exploration of the environment by the learner

D. observing the behaviour of the adults


Q. 15 According to the jean piaget ,schema building occurs as a result of modifying new information to fit existing schemes and by modifying old schemes as per new information . These 2 processes are known as ;

A. equilibration and modification

B. assimilation and accomidation

C. accomidation and adpation

D. assimilation andadaption


Q. 16 In a progressive classroom set up the teacher facilitates by providing an environment that :

A. discourages inclusion

B. encourages repetition

C. promotes discovery

D. is restrictive


Q. 17 Howards gardners theory of multiple intelligence (MI) suggests that :

A. Teachers should use MI as a framework for devising alternative ways to teach the subject matter

B. ability is destiny and does not change over a period of time

C. every child should be taught every subject in 8 different ways to develop all of the inteligence

D. intelligence is soley determined by IQ tests


Q. 18 A 5 year old girl talks to her self while folding a tshirt .Which of the following statements is correct in context of the behavior displayed by the girl ?

A. Jean piaget would explain this as a social interaction while Lev vygtosky would explain this as an exploration

B. Jean piaget and lev vygotsky would explain this as the child’s attempt to immitate her mother

C. Jean piaget and lev vygotsky would explain this as egocentric nature of the childs thoughts

D. jean piaget would explain this as egocentric speech while , lev vygotsky would explain this as the childs attempt to regulate her actions through private speech


Q. 19 “Gender” is an /a :

A. innate quality

B. social construct

C. biological entity

D. Physiological construct


Q. 20 As a teacher who firmly believes in social constructivist theory of Lev Vygotsky which of the following methods you would prefer for assessing your students ?

A. Fact based recall questions

B. Objective multiple choice type questions

C. collabarative projects

D. standardized tests


Q. 21 To cater to individual differences in his classroom , a teacher should :

A. engage in dialouge with students and value their perspectives

B. impose strict rules upon his students

C. have uniform and standard ways of teaching and assessment

D. segregate and label children based on their marks


Q. 22 Assessment is purposeful if

A. it is done only onceat the end year

B. comparitive evalutions are made to differentiate between the students acheivements

C. it induces fear and stress among the students

D. it serves as a feedback for the students as well as the teachers


Q. 23 According to NCF ,2005 the role of the teacher has to be :

A. permissive

B. facilitative

C. authoritavtive

D. dictorial


Q. 24 Research suggests that in a diverse classroom , a teachers expectations from her students ________ learning

A. should not be correlated with

B. do not have an effect on

C. have a significant impact on

D. are the sole determinant of


Q. 25 Inclusion of children with special needs :

A. will increase the burden on schools

B. requires a change in attitude, content and approach to teaching

C. is an unrealistic goal

D. is detrimental to children with disabilities


Q. 26 “Having a diverse classroom with children from varied social ,economic and cultural backrgrounds enriches the learning experiences of all students “.The statement is :

A. Correct , because it makes the classroom more hirarchical .

B. incorrect , because it leads to unneccessary competition

C. incorrect, because it may confuse the children and they may feel lost

D. correct , becuase children learn many skills from their peers


Q. 27 A child with hearing impairment:f

A. can do very well in a regular school if suitable facilitation and resources are provided

B. Will never be able to perform on par with classmates in a regular school

C. Should be sent only to a school for the hearing impaired and not a regular school

D. Correct beacuse children many skills from their peers


Q. 28 Which of the following is a charecteristic of a gifted learner ?

A. He is highly tempermental

B. he indulges in ritualistic behavior like hand flapping ,rocking etc.

C. He gets aggressive and frustrated

D. He can feel undersimulated and bored if the class activities are not challenging enough


Q. 29 A teacher can enhance effective learning in her elementary classroom by :

A. encouraging competition among her students

B. connecting content to the lives of the students

C. offering rewards in small steps of learning

D. drill and practise


Q. 30 Which of the following statements about children are correct ?

A. Children are passive recipients of knowledge

B Children are problem solvers .

C. Children are scientifc investigators

D. Children are active explorers of the environment


A. A, B,C and D

B. A, B and ,C

C. A, B and ,D

D. B,C and D


Q. 31 A teacher of class II asks her students to write 4 ones and 3 tens some students write as 43 instead of 34. As a teacher how will you help the students to understand the concept. 

A. Give a lot of questions to practise in column method

B. ask the students to represent in abacus and then write

C. tell them it is wrong and ask them to write the correct answer 5 times

D. always teach by column method of tens and ones to avoid confusion


Q. 32 Which of the following is not true about the mapping in mathematics ?

A. mapping promotes proportional reasoning

B. mathematics is not a part of mathematics curriculam

C. mapping can be integrated in many topics in mathematics

D. mapping strengthens spatial thinking


Q. 33 Which of the following aspects of shapes is not dealt with at primary level ?

A. angle

B. symmetry

C. tesellation

D. pattern


Q. 34 The mathematical games and puzzles help in

A. developing a positive attitude towards mathematics

B. making connection between mathematics and everyday thinking

C. making mathematics enjoybale

D. promoting problem solving skills


Q. 35 A given rectangle and parellelogram have same area however many class IV studnets respond to that the parellelogram has the larger area. How can a teacher help the students to understand that their areas are same ?

A. using a scale

B. using a geoboard

C. using a graph paper

D. using paper folding


Q. 36 Which of the following is not an objective of teaching mathematics at primary level accoridng to NCF2005 ?

A. making mathematics part of child’s experience

B. promoting problem solving and problem posing skills

C. promoting logical thinking

D. preparing for learning higher and abstract mathematics


Q. 37 The difference between the place value of 5 in 29503 and and face value of 7 in 32071 is 

A. 493

B. 2

C. 43

D. 430


Q. 38 IF 30028 = 28 ones +28 thousands +___ tens , then the number in the blank space is ?

A. 280

B. 28

C. 120

D. 200


Q. 39 WHen the remainder obtained on dividing 80808 by 108 is divided by the remainder obtained on dividing by 90909 by 109 ,then the quotient is ;

A. 12

B. 3

C. 6

D. 8


Q. 40 If 603 x 28 = 63 x 4 x _______ , then the number in the blank space is :

A. 67

B. 21

C. 28

D. 63


Q. 41 The smallest common multiple of 30 , 45 and 60 between 200 and 400 /The largest factor of 15 24 and 45 is equal to :

A. 180

B. 60

C. 90

D. 120


Q. 42 A number is smaller than half of 100 and lies between 4 tens and 5 tens .One digit is one less than the 10 digit .if the sum of digits is 7 then the product of digits in the number is : 

A. 24

B. 12

C. 16

D. 20


Q. 43 In schools there are 360 students out of which 2/3rds are girls and the rest are boys .3/4th of the number of boys are players .The number of boys who are not pplayers is : 

A. 75

B. 25

C. 30

D. 60


Q. 44 Harish bought a scooter for Rs.49,553 . He paid Rs.8076 in cash and agreed to pay the remaining amount in 37 equal instalments .What is the amount of each instalment ? 

A. Rs.1339

B. Rs.1021

C. Rs.1121

D. Rs.1201


Q. 45 A train left Hyderabad at 13:15 on friday and reached Bengaluru at 7:30 on saturday. the duration of the journey was.

A. 19 hours 45 mins

B. 5 hours 35 mins

C. 12 hours 45 mins

D. 18 hours 15mins


Q. 46 The number of minutes in 15 days in equal to the number of seconds in

A. 8 hours

B. 5 hours

C. 4 hours

D. 6 hours


Q. 47 15 litres 286 ml of orange juice is mixed with 19 l and 714 ml of carrort juice. 12 l 750 ml of the mixture is used and the rest in filled in bottles each contianing 250 ml .The number of bottles is :

A. 77

B. 89

C. 85

D. 81


Q. 48 The prcies of fruits per kg are given below

Watermelon : Rs.18.50

Cherry : rs.72

Grape :Rs.120-60

Apple :Rs 78-40

Reshma bought 4(1/2) watermelon 1kg 200g cherry ,250 g grapes and 1(3/4) kgp apples. She gave a 500 note to the shopkeeper .How much did she get back ?

A. Rs. 173

B. Rs 162

C. Rs.163

D. Rs 172


Q. 49 The size of a soap cake is 7cm x5cm x2.5 cm .The maximum number of soap ckaes which can be placed into 2 boxes each having internal measurements as 56 cm x 0.4 m x 0.25 m is

A. 2560

B. 640

C. 960

D. 1280


Q. 50 The length of a rectangle is three times half breadth .The breadth is half the size of a sqaure whose perimeter is 72 cm . then

A. The perimeter of a rectangle is less than the perimeter of a sqaure

B. The areas of the sqaure and rectangle are

C. The area of rectangle is more than the area of a square

D. the perimeter of both rectangle and sqaure are equal


Q. 51 Which one of the follwoing is not correct .

A. The volume of cuboid of length 45 cm and breadth 15 cm and height 40 cm is eqaul to the volume of the cube whose side is 0.3 m

B. one hundredth of 10 is eqaul to 0,1

C. 55 litres 55 millimeters = 55.55 l

D. 2005 gms – 2.005 kgs


Q. 52 Which of the following is an essential pre-requisite to understand multiplication of a 2 digit number by a one digit number or a two digit number ?

A. commutative property of multiplication

B. Multiplication as distribution over addition

C. Multiplication as inverse of addition

D. Commutative property of addition


Q. 53 Which of the following cannot be considered as a reason for fear and failure in mathematics ? 

A. symbolic notations

B. structure mathematics

C. gender differences

D. classroom experiences


Q. 54 Which of the following teaching learning resources would be more appropriate to teach the concept of addition of 2 decimal numbers ?

A. beads and string

B. graph paper

C. abacus

D. geo board


Q. 55 The majority of class 4 learners think that multiplication of 2 numbers always results in a number which is bigger than both the numbers. How will you show it is not same in all the cases ?

A. By showing it through repeated addition of numbers

B. By showing multiplication algorithm of 2 decimals

C. By showing on a grid paper multiplication of 2 decimals

D. By showing multiplication algorithm of one whole number and a fraction on a number Line 


Q. 56 Which of the following statements is true in the context of teaching measurement to primary class studnets ?

A. Non standard measurements are followed by standard measures .

B. only non standard measures should be used

C. non standard measures should not be used

D. standard measures should be followed by non standard measures


Q. 57 Which of the following assessment strategies can be used to make connections of matheatics with real life and promote discliplinarty ?

A. survey , project ,check list

B. field trip , oral test , check list

C. filed trip , survey , project

D. field trip, oral test , drill worksheet


Q. 58 Which of the following can be used as learning resources for visually challenged in a mathematics classroom ?

A. Number chart ,computer ,geo board

B. Taylors abacus ,computer, geo board

C. computer ,number chart , geo board

D. Taylors abacus, fraction kit , number chart


Q. 59 In a context of numbers i . e the children in the age group of 8 – 9 years are able to accomplish which one of the following sets ?

A. seiriation reversibilty , proportional reasoning

B. seiriation, classification ,proportional reasoning

C. seiriation reversibilty ,classification

D. reversibilty ,classification,proportional reasoning


Q. 60 A teacher of class 1 asks a student to count the total number of objects in a collection of pens, erasers and sharpners .The studnets uts all the objects in a line and starts counting ,He says hat there are 2 pens , 5 erasers and 3 sharpners instead of 10 objects .In which principle of counting do you the student is facing difficulty .

A. Stable order and abstarction principles

B. one – to – one correspondence principle

C. abstraction principle

D. abstraction and order irrelevnece principle .


Q. 61 In EVS syllabus structured around 6 themes plants and animals have consiously been included in the theme family and friends .All the following could be cited as reasons for this inclusion excpet one .Whihc one is that ?

A. To help students to locatte plants and animals in social and cultural context

B. To highlight how humans share a close relationship with each other

C. To highlight how lives and livelihood of some communities are closely connected iwth some plants and animals

D. To enable studnets to understand plants and animals from a science perspective


Q. 62 The purpose of survey in teaching -learning in EVS .

A. to provide an oppurtunity to react with community

B. to make children sensitive to diferent people

C. to provide an oppurtunity to collect information first -hand

D. to use it as an oppurtunity for assessment

Which one of the above are correct ?

A. A ,B , C ,D

B. A ,B , C

C. A ,B , D

D. A, C D


Questions: 63 – 65 

Question numbers 63- 65 are based on the following paragraph .

Given are responses of 7 -8 year old children after thet have observed an experiment done by the teacher , in which water in a bowl is heated and it was evaoprated .

“water is disappeared “

“The bowl has observed the water “

” fire drank the water “

“God drank the water “


Q. 63 What do these responses tell us about children and their thinking ?

A. children’s responses are impossible

B. Children’s thinking is incorrect

C. Children cannot make good observation

D. Children have alternative ideas about evaporation


Q. 64 How should the teacher deal with these responses ?

A. Show the standard water cycle chart

B. Give the definition of evaporation and ask the children to memorize it

C. intiate a discussion to revisit their ideas

D. Tell the children that they are wrong


Q. 65 Which of the following is question assessing divergent thinking of children on the topic of evaporation ?

A. What will happen if there is no watercycle

B. List the steps in sequence of water cycle

C. Draw and label water cycle

D. write five advantages of water cycle


Q. 66 Which of the following are the neighbouring states of jammu and kashmir ?

A. Himachal pradesh , Punjab

B. Himachal pradesh ,Uttar pradesh

C. Uttarakhand , Rajasthan

D. Himachal pradesh, Uttarakhand


Q. 67 Match each of the locations with a correct description of common houses built in that area 

A. (1)

B. (2)

C. (3)

D. (4)


Q. 68 The different patterns on the skin of animals are ?

A. an indication of their physical strength

B. due to reflected light

C. due to hair on their skin

D. due to the weather conditions they live in


Q. 69 People who have been living in the forest for atleast 25 years have a right to forest land and and what is grown on it .This is mandated by

A. Indian forest act ,1927

B. Right to forest act , 2007

C. land aquisation act , 1894

D. the constitution (scheduled caste ) orders (amendment bill) 2012


Q. 70 Which of the following is a set of diseases spread by mosquitoes ?

A. malaria, HIV -AIDS ,Dengue

B. HIV -AIDS ,Dengue ,cholera

C. Dengue,malaria,chickungunia

D. typhoid, cholera, chickungunia


Q. 71 Pitcher plant (Nepenthes)

A. is not found in india

B. clevrly traps and eats frog, insects and mice

C. emits sounds of high pitch to attarct insects

D. has mouth covered with tiny hooks


Q. 72 Which of the following set of eatables is rich in iron

A. Amla, spinach , potato

B. Amla, potato , tomato

C. cabbage , okra , jaggery

D. amla ,spinach , jaggery


Q. 73 Almost in every part of the country chillies are added while cooking food. chillies were brought brought to our country by the traders who came from

A. South america

B. Afganisthan

C. Australia

D. Uzbekistan


Q. 74 Which of the following birds makes its nest among the thrones of a cactus plant ?

A. weaver bird

B. robin bird

C. dove

D. sunbird


Q. 75 Read the following description of an animal and identify it :

” it looks like a bear but its not .It spends almost 17 hours a day sleeping while handing upside down on a tree branch .It eats the leaves of the same tree on which it lives .It lives for about 40 years

A. Chimpanzee

B. Panda

C. sloth

D. Langur


Q. 76 Which of the following groups of animals has excellent sight and see things 4 times more than humans ?

A. Snakes , silkworms , lizards

B. Kites , eagles , vulltures

C. Bees, mosquitoes , butterflies

D. Tigers , leoperds , bulls


Q. 77 Read the given description of the farming and identify its type .

After cutting one crop, the land is left as it for some years .Nothing is grown there. The bamboos or weeds which grown on that land are not pulled out .They are cut and burnt. The ash makes the land more fertile .When the land is ready for farming, it is lightly dug up not ploughed .Seeds are dropped in it .

A. Jhoom farming

B. Step farming

C. Irrigation farming

D. co operative farming


Q. 78 When a snake charmer plays on his muusical instrument Been the snakes swings it head to and fro to its sound.How do you think the snakes responds to the musical instrument.

A. By smelling the instrument

B. By hearing the sound produced by the instrument

C. By seeing the movement of the instrument

D. By respondong to the vibrations produced by the instrument .


Q. 79 A family is a unit consisting of mother , father and their 2 children .This statement is 

A. Incorrect t, there are many kinds of families and one cannot classify family as being only one kind

B. Correct , since this is an ideal family size

C. Correct , this is what all indian famileis are like

D. incorrect , because the statemnet should specify the children are biological


Q. 80 The gastric juice in the stomach of the human beings is ______ and aids in the digestion of food.

A. neutral

B. acidic

C. alkaline

D. amphoteric


Q. 81 A teacher of class 3 had asked children to classify the leaves of the following trees /plants into different groups – lemon, mango , basil ,mint ,neem , banana etc.some studnets clssified leaves as (a) leaves with medicine values and leaves without medicine values (b) big levaes and small leaves .The teacher grouped a as right and b as wrong. Which of the follwoing reflects the teachers view of learning and assessment.

A. Children bring multiple perspectives in classrooms which is to be appreciated .

B. Children can use multiple use of classification depending upon their experiences .

C. Classification task is very specific and structured and there is one right answer

D. The activity is focused to seek information from which can be interpreted differnetly


Q. 82 Which of the following considerations would you keep in mind while designing a group activity in your EVS class?

A. Engage the interests of the children

B. Appeal equally to boys and girls

C. Use expensive material

D. Appeal to children of all religious and cultural backgrounds.


A. A,B and D

B. A,C and D

C. B and D

D. B and C


Q. 83 All of the following statements provide arguments in favour of teachers and students collectively participate in group activities in EVS, except one. Which is that statement?

A. Children learn more by talking and discussing with other children.

B. Children show marked improvements in scores because of group activities

C. Adult support can help children construct knowledge beyond their ability

D. children learn to cooperate and collaborate


Q. 84 Which of the following tools will be appropriate for assessing social personal qualities of children learning EVS through group work ?

A. Paper pencil tests

B. oral questions

C. Rating sales

D. Assignments


Q. 85 Follwoing are some intutive ideas of children about plants .Which of them is scientifically correct ?

A. Seeds are not part of a plant

B. Carrot and cabbage are not plants

C. grass is not a plant

D. some vegetables are fruits


Q. 86 A teacher of class IV told her studnets -Ask some old people if there are plants they had seen when they were young but seen not nowadays .

Which of the following skillls is not likelyto be assessed by asking questions ?

A. Questioning

B. Experimentation

C. Expression

D. discussion


Q. 87 A teacher asks every student to use some waste material from their homes and make something useful out if it

The pedagogical intention of the teacher is not to :

A. judge the best student of the class

B. develop creativity among children

C. make children understand the concept of recycle , reuse and reduce

D. organize an exhibition best articles made out of waste


Q. 88 Read the following questions :

A.How well did I plan for the activity .

B.Gow well did I follow the plan

c.What were my strengths

D.What exactly did i find difficult .

Answers to the above 4 types of questions will comprise .

A. summative assessment by the teacher

B. children’s self assessment

C. teacher’s self assessment

D. self assessment of children and teacher both


Q. 89 the language used in EVS textbook is 

A. should be technical and formal

B. should be related to everyday language of the child

C. should be terse an difficult for children to comprhend

D. should be formalized with emphasis on definition


Q. 90 A teacher gives pictures of different animals to his students and asks them to colour the animals that do not live in their houses.the obejective of this activity is to develop 



C.Classification skill

D.Data collection

A. A, C , D

B. A,B,C

C. A,B .D

D. A, C ,D


Q. 91 Home language is _______ in a normal way .

A. promoted

B. acquired

C. learnt

D. taught


Q. 92 Which of the following in not true while teaching the learners in their motehr tongue at primary level ?

A. It helps children in learning in natural environment

B. It develops self confidence in the child

C. It makes learning easy

D. It helps in intellectual development of child


Q. 93 Communicative language teaching emphasis on :

A. grammatical comptency

B. language use

C. form

D. writing


Q. 94 Ria a class II student is presenting language in her instructions items and the learners are doing exactly as she is telling them to do .What is she presenting

A. Total physique response

B. direct method

C. lingual method

D. communicative language


Q. 95 While tecahing a language to the learners the teacher should teach

A. by giving instructions

B. thorugh imitation

C. in isolation

D. in integrated manner


Q. 96 A intonation may not be a _______ tone

A. sliding

B. rising

C. falling

D. loud


Q. 97 Functional grammar stands for using /teaching grammar in/through :

A. explantion of literary content

B. context

C. isloation

D. parsing


Q. 98 A techer asks learners to think of ideas quickly about the topic “save water ” and also asks them to note down their ideas before writing their article on save water. She is foocusng on

A. brain storming

B. assessment

C. checklist

D. drill


Q. 99 Which of the following is not a form of literature?

A. one act play

B. dictionary

C. memoir

D. travel logue


Q. 100 Assessment is :

A. Judgemental

B. product -oriented

C. process oriented

D. both product -oriented and process oriented


Q. 101 Which of the following is not formative assessment ?

A. term end assessment

B. ancetodal records

C. portfolios

D. oral testing


Q. 102 A teacher askes their studnets to assess their classmates during a debate compettion in the class This method of assessment is :

A. individual assessment

B. peer assessment

C. self assessment

D. group assessment


Q. 103 Match the following

A. (1)

B. (2)

C. (3)

D. (4)


Q. 104 Which of the following is not appropriate about language games ?

A. Language games create stress free and natural environment where learners can learn english the way they learnt L1.

B. Language games create an environment even for the shy learners to participate .

C. Language games provide competitive environment to the learners to win the game by any means

D. Language games create a real world context in classroom and enhance the usage of english


Q. 105 Remedial teaching is for :

A. improving the image of school

B. the learner to learn better

C. the learner to learn better and improve the teacher to teach better

D. the teacher to teach better


Questions: 106 – 114

The Mahatma’s remarkable wide Kasturabai, did not object when he failed to set aside,any part of his wealth, for the use of herself and their children. Married in early youth, Gandhi and his wife took the vow of celibacy after the birth of several sons. A tranquil heroine in the intense drama, that has been their life together, Kasturabai has followed her husband to prison, shared his three-week fasts and fully borne her share of his endless responsibilities. She has paid Gandhi the following tribute. I thank you for having had the privilege of being your lifelong companion and helpmate. I thank you for the perfect marriage in the world, based on Brahmacharya(self-control) and not on sex. I thank you for having me considered your equal in your lifework for India. I thank you for not being one of those husbands, who spend their time in gambling, racing, women, wine, and song tiring of their wives and children as he little boy quickly tires of his childhood toys. How thankful I am that you were noy one of those husbands who devote their time to growing rich on the exploitation of the labour of others. How thankful I am that you put God and country before the bribes, that you had the courage of your convictions, and a complete and implicit faith in God. How thankful I am for a husband that put God and country before me. I am grateful for your tolerance of me and my shortcomings of youth, when i grumbled and rebelled against the changes you made in our living, from so much to so little. As a young child I lived in your parents’ home, your mother was a great and good woman, she trained me, taught me hoe to be brave , a courageous wife, and how to keep the love and respect for her son, my future husband, As the years passed and you became the India’s most beloved leader, I had none of the fears that beset the wife who maybe cast aside when her husband has climbed the ladder of success, and so often happens in other countries. I knew that death would still find us husband and wife.


Q. 106 How did Kasturabai act to Gandhiji’s will?

A. She felt quite unhappy

B. She was astonished

C. She accepted the decision without arguing

D. She decided to discuss the matter with her parents.


Q. 107 Kasturabai impressed the author the most becaue she:

A. was an embodiment of humilty

B. never questioned her husband’s decisions

C. was at his beck and call

D. stood by him through trying times


Q. 108 Husbands given to vices made Kasturabai feel:

A. disgusted

B. furious

C. unhappy

D. sad


Q. 109 Kasturabai’s relationship with her mother-in-law can be described as:

A. respectful

B. formal

C. unconventional

D. informal


Q. 110 The author’s attitude to Kasturabai is :

A. sympathetic

B. comendatory

C. neutral

D. ambivalent


Q. 111 The word ‘tranquil’ as used in the passage means:

A. loyal

B. sober

C. gentle

D. calm


Q. 112 The word opposite in meaning to ‘lifelong’ is:

A. weak

B. ardent

C. temporary

D. bereif


Q. 113 Which part of speech is the underlined word in the following sentence?

“…. any part of his wealth”

A. conjunction

B. adjective

C. adverb

D. noun


Q. 114 The sentence, “some husbands spend their time in gambling” when changed to passive voice becomes:

A. Some husbands whose time was spent in gambling

B. some husbands spent their time in gambling

C. Time is spent in gambling by some husbands

D. some husbands whose time is sent in gambling.


Questions: 115 – 120

Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow by selctecing approporitae options :

I cannot rest from travel : I will drink

Life to the lees : All time I have enjoyed

Greatly have suffered .Greatly both with those

That loved me, and alone,and shore, and when

Thro scudding drifts, the rainy Hyades

Vext the dim sea: I am become a name;

For always roaming with a hungry heart,

Much have I seen and known, cities of men;

And manners, climates, councils, governments,

Myself not least, but honour’d of them all;


Q. 115 The speaker can be described as :

A. a frolicsome person

B. a vagabond

C. a seeker after the truth

D. an adventure


Q. 116 The expression “drink life to the less means “

A. to live life to the fullest

B. to live a life of pressure

C. to face challenges bravely

D. to live life of adventure


Q. 117 Which of the following statemnets is true ?

A. he has lost instrest inlife

B. the speaker is an aimless wanderer

C. his adventures have not chnaged hi outlook

D. he has suffered and enjoyed greatly


Q. 118 The line myself not least but honoured of them all reveals that the speaker is :

A. aroogant

B. prone to bragging

C. a garrulous person

D. consious of his merits


Q. 119 The figure of speech used in drink life to the less is :

A. assonance

B. smile

C. metaphor

D. personification


Q. 120 Which literray device has been used in hungry heart ?

A. Irony

B. assonance

C. smile

D. alietration


Q. 121 Language is not

A. social

B. aribitrary

C. symbolic

D. instinctive


Q. 122 When language development is a deliberate and a conscious effort, language is

A. brushed up

B. learned

C. acquired

D. honed


Q. 123 What is a ‘task’ in task-based language learning?

A. A piece of work for parents to do their children’s homework

B. A piece of activity for teachers to do in the classroom

C. A piece of work which exposes learners to language

D. A piece of work which enables learners to do an activity.


Q. 124 Travelogue is a genre of :

A. biography

B. literature

C. poetry

D. cristicsm


Q. 125 The most important assessment of effective language classroom is to provide learners with an oppurtunity to :

A. interfere

B. assess

C. imitate

D. interact


Q. 126 A teacher of class V is practising interactive listening in the class .She should focus on : 

A. Listening to words stress and intonation

B. listening to the pronunciation

C. listening and responding

D. listening and observing speakers attitude


Q. 127 A word with same spelling and same pronunciation as another but one with a different meaning is a

A. homophone

B. antonym

C. synonym

D. homonym


Q. 128 A shorter form of a group of words which usually occurs in auxilary verb is :

A. connector

B. contraction

C. conjunction

D. connation


Q. 129 Aditi, a visually challenged child id class IV, does not have any text in brallie. How can a teacher faciliatet her in reading a english book ?

A. Instead of focussing on this single child , she may use her energy in the remaining class

B. She may ask her parents to look after her child

C. She may ask the principle to arrange a special teacher for her

D. She may arrange and give audio cd of the textbook to the child


Q. 130 Peotry teaching is generally meant for :

A. learning punctuation

B. enjoying and appreciation

C. language learning

D. learning grammaar


Q. 131 Reading english as a second language means

A. reading for grammar

B. meaning making

C. decoding of letter and words

D. reading aloud


Q. 132 When learners give feedback on each other langauges, work ,learning strategies, performance etc .

A. group assessment

B. self assessment

C. peer assessment

D. formal assessment


Q. 133 A teacher after completing a chapter asks the students some questions to review their learning and check their understanding , the questions she will be asking based on :

A. hyper order thinking skills

B. higher order thinking skills

C. middle order thinking skills

D. lower order thinking skills


Q. 134 A good teaching- learning material can best :

A. help the teacher to transact material without any modification

B. help the learners acquire the language

C. faciltate the teaching- learning

D. be a source of entertaiment


Q. 135 while providing the feedback to the students a teacher should not :

A. share the incidents recorded in ancedotes

B. compare their child with other children .

C. compare the current performance of the child with her previous performance

D. give qualitative feedback about the child


Questions: 136 – 143

Read the following passage and answer the following questions :

The art of madhubani painting is the traditional style developed in the mithila region , in the Madhubani Bihar.Madhubani literally means forest of honey .This style of painting has been traditionally used by the women of the region ,though men are involved to meet the demand .The work is done on freshly painted mud walls for commerical purposes ,it is now beign done on cloth and paper etc. The paintings are basically religious nature .They are done in special rooms their homes on the main village , walls , etc for ceremonal or ritualistic purposes .The women offer praters to the deities before starting their work .Figures fromnature and mythology ara adapted to suit their style .The themes and designs widely painted are worship of hindu deites such as krishna .rama shiva durga lakshmi sun and mood s=tulsi plant. Floral animal and bird moffits geometricals designs are used to fill the gaps. there is harldy any space between the styles.cotton wrapped around a bamboo sticks from the brush .It is beliebed that genesis of madhubani paintings came about when a king janaka asked for paintings to be developed for his daughter sitas wedding.


Q. 136 Madhubani paintings are no longer done exclusively by women on walls :

A. bacause cloth is more durable

B. to meet their widespread demand

C. as men as better painters

D. as paper is cheaper


Q. 137 Madhubani paintings are essentially of religious nature when they are done :

A. iin the pooja room

B. in the bride room

C. on the village walls

D. using figures as nature


Q. 138 These paintings become secular when they object :

A. court scenes

B. workship of sarswati

C. tulsi plant

D. wedding scenes


Q. 139 A madhubani painting shows only

A. a balanced potrayl of all of them

B. hindu deities

C. flowers and plants

D. geometrical designs


Q. 140 The art of madhubani painting is learnt in the :

A. Asharms of madhurbani

B. schools of art

C. families of home

D. homes of reowned artsits


Q. 141 Floral is the adjective derived from the noun flower aural is derived from the noun :

A. mouth

B. morning

C. ear

D. eye


Q. 142 On freshly plastered mud walls .the word plastered is a /an :

A. particle

B. gerund

C. infinitive

D. participle


Q. 143 The word genesis means the same as

A. growth

B. birth

C. original

D. spirit


Questions: 144 – 150

Read the passage given below and answer the following questions .

A remarkable feature of edisons inventions was their basic simplicity .there were innumerable scientists possessing deep knowledge of electicity ,chemistry etc.but it was unschooled genius who succeeded where the failed .What were his unique qualities .? firstly he had an ,uncanny ability to judge the practical use of any scientific fact .Secondly, he was blessed with patience and preservnece .He would try out countless ideas till he found the right one .Third was his business acumen which enablled him to earn the large sums of money to conduct the experimental work . Edisons enthusiasm for work and optimistic attitude ensured an long and productive life .Only after crossing the age of 75 did he start slowing down. During his final illness , his curiosity about his condition ,medicines and treatment made the doctors think that possibly he was thinking about his condition, medicines and treatment, made the doctors think that possibly he was taking this too as one of his scientific investigations! He passed away on 18 October, 1931, at the ripe old age of eighty four. During his lifetime itself Edison became one of the famous men in the world. Honours were showered on him. Among them was the congressional gold in 1928, for his contributions to human welfare. In 1960,he was posthumously elected to the Hall of Fame for great Americans at the New York university. But the tribute that was most eloquent was quite unintened.


Q. 144 The most remarkable feature of Edison’s inventions was their:

A. aesthetic aspect

B. fundamental simplicity

C. multiple use fullness

D. low cost


Q. 145 According to the author, Edison became prosperous because he:

A. had luck on his side

B. worked very hard

C. made the best use of his time

D. had great business sense


Q. 146 To conduct experimental work Edison needed:

A. sophisticated gadgets

B. support of generous patrons

C. huge amount of money

D. calm and quiet atmosphere


Q. 147 Edison’s long and productive life can be attributed to:

A. his immensely good health

B. a large circle of friends

C. his involvement in charitable work

D. his positive attitude


Q. 148 The word ‘uncanny’ as used in the passage means:

A. weird

B. great

C. terrific

D. astonishing


Q. 149 The opposite of ‘famous’ is:

A. unnoticeable

B. unpopular

C. unknown

D. negligable


Q. 150 Which part of speech is the underlined word?

“….any scientific fact”

A. preposition

B. noun

C. adjective

D. adverb


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